I read you article with great interest, and have been following Mr. Odinga’s comments on Somaliland’s international recognition, and the undignified attack on Mr. Odinga, by the feeble entity in Mogadishu via its “ambassador” in Nairobi.
This young “ambassador”, who seems to be in his early 20’s; he must be a very talented to be appointed to a vital embassy; I guess, anyone with a foreign passport and close ties to the current warlord in charge at Mogadishu can be appointed as “ambassador”. I hear, that Yusuf Garad has graduated from the BBC Somali Service to “ambassador” to the UN. Wonders never cease!
Anyway, this young whipper-snapper, in his diatribe against Mr.Odinga, who has far more experience in his little finger (lest we forget, how much he suffered for the people of Kenya), states, “Somalia’s issues should be left to Somalis”. Last time I checked, Kenyan Forces under UNISOM were in Somalia and where giving their lives to rescue Somalia and Somalis. 
I think, Mr. Odinga, as a Kenyan, has every right to talk about the issues in Somalia.
Diplomacy is an art, which takes years of practice and experience. It has its own protocols and language. One cannot master them without extensive exposure to foreign postings and training. 
Mr. Odinga, thank you for supporting Somaliland. We appreciate your forthright statement, delivered with truth and force. 
The reality on the ground is that Somaliland is a de-facto state awaiting de-jure recognition. We were, and are currently, a sovereign nation which formed a
non-ratified union with Somalia in 1960. That union was based on the eventual goal of uniting all five regions with a majority Somali population in the Horn of Africa, including the former Northern Frontier District of Kenya.
The pan-Somali dream was a mirage, and the union between Somaliland and Somalia became defunct on May 18th, 1991.
A wise man said ” The truth shall set you free”.
Allaa Mahad Leh
Ahmed Kheyre