img_44783 November 2016

Villa Somalia, Mogadishu

Today, 3 November, EU Ambassador Veronique Lorenzo presented her credentials to H.E. President

Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of the Federal Republic of Somalia.

On her first visit to Mogadishu as Head of Delegation of the European Union to Somalia,

Ambassador Veronique Lorenzo confirmed the unwavering commitment of the European Union to

the people of Somalia and spoke of the long-term partnership.

“I arrive at a time when Somalis are choosing the leadership to steer Somalia to a new period of

peace and prosperity”, said Lorenzo. “I applaud the courage and commitment of all those who have

undertaken the responsibility to see this process through to a peaceful, fair and credible conclusion

that all Somalis will accept”, she said.

“The acceptance by The President of the Republic of my credentials on the first day of my arrival in

Mogadishu is a symbol of our mutual commitment and of the EU’s determination to continue its

uninterrupted support to the people of Somalia”, said Ambassador Lorenzo.

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