108a6024It’s not coincident as history repeats itself, former minister Mr.Hirsi had been in a concealed political mission. He currently executed one of his vicious political missions with triumph as his latest victim was Mr.Seed of Wadani and also his previous victim was Mohamed abdulqadir from Kulmiye party. It was the most distasteful political scene ever occurred in Somaliland’s political landscape.

It’s still in our memory that night when Mr.Hirsi acted with disrespect and forcefully removed Mr.Abdulqadir from his seat using his accompanied forces from the Kulmiye convention. As the result, Mr.Abdulqadir was taken to the hospital aiding with wheelchair. As it appears, Mr.Hirsi could not complete his political missions in Kulmiye as he encountered rigid numerous hurdles, then he decided to defect and took with the weakest political link group. His limited political calculation did not materialize as there was no visible political impact felt.

Before the infamous marriage, Wadani was a healthy party, moving forward and promising one as most of somalilanders were pondering to join. However, Wadani was mutely injected with a tainted blood as Kulmiye defectors led by Mr.Hersi was merged with Wadani and visibly caused the party to be hospitalized with no apparent doctors at the scene to resuscitate.

It’s observable that Wadani had no prior political strategy in place on how to deal with the political defectors from other parties and this horrific bond caused them political confusion and anxiety, particularly for the members and the public, not sure for the leaders.

During party’s political predicament, a precious time was lost to demonstrate wisdom and leadership, the current chairman and presidential candidate Mr. Cirro undoubtedly showed no leadership and played no significant role to salvage the party and instead opted for mysterious agenda and being indifferent. He consciously ditched his right hand man and took someone else instead. As party’s members already started to decrement and election date looms. It’s up to the party’s chairman to reverse the party’s failing state and political predicament or lose the election!

It looks Kulmiye got a momentum and it has to babysit and materialize it till the election date. It’s wise not cause a political bombshell during the election, thus Kulmiye leaders ought to be diplomatic and able to manage other’s parties political poking.

Mohammed Bahdoon
Alberta, Canada
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