14915592_1011688102290564_5930308288761058509_nBy Goth Mohamed Goth

H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud awarded Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh , Minister of Energy and Minerals awarded with a certificate of honour during the during the 5th graduation of the  214 graduates from the Civil Service Institute.

The Energy Minister was among the officials who were honoured during the occasion for their efforts in contributing to the civil service management reform processes, and laying the foundation for a professional civil service in Somaliland.

The Civil Service Institute Commission awarded the Minister the Honorary Certificate for his unrelenting efforts in promoting, supporting and creating a competent, professional ministerial workforce that will be responsive, effective, and efficient in achieving the objectives of the national development plan but most of all for in terms of sustainability and capacity development in the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

The Ministry of Energy and Minerals staff under went eight-month training in their specific fields of expertise at the civil service institute of whom most have completed their studies.