Dear reader, being a father of eight kids with unshaved heads and a wife with a ringing tongue, plus the Political – Hiccups of Mr. Silanyo.  Life seems very scary and looks as a dreadful coming tomorrow.  Today is dark, yesterday was a painful memory  and there is no a promising tomorrow.  But as an old dog nation that had experienced in several occasions with unfriendly dramatic change.   We must face the challenge with realistic  pessimism, iron – guts and self – confidence.   Because if you don’t have Self – Confidence, you will be twice defeated in the race of life.

Mr. Silanyo,  a country is not built  on fear, a country is built on courage, mutual respect, cooperation and understanding each other, the prince and the peasant.   It is only through labor and painful effort, by grim energy and resolute courage, that we move on to better things.   Goodness is about character – integrity, honesty and moral courage.  Life shrinks and expands in proportion to one’s courage.   Mr. Silanyo, you made a reshuffle of the same bad apples.   You have nothing to offer here of substance.   Woe to him who calls an evil good and calls a good an evil.   Who put darkness for light and light  for darkness.  Who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.   Dear reader, between two evils, I always pick up the one  I never tried before.  I never open the door to a lesser evil,  for other and greater ones, invariably  slink in, after it.

Nothing is easier than to denounce the evil door, nothing is more difficult than to understand him.   An atheist  asked a waiter, what is this fly doing  in my bowl – soup?   It is praying, the waiter answered.  It is very funny, I can’t  drink  it, take it back, the Atheist  requested.   You see ?  the fly’s prayers, the waiter replied.  Mr. Silanyo. Prophet Jesus  didn’t come to be worshipped.   He was sent to relay the message of Allah and to be understood.     As usual, your four Sacred – Cows nephews are untouchable.   What is the circumstance of Mr. Bsha Ali Jama, the minister of H2O who couldn’t  give an order to his office – boy simply because the office – boy is related to one of the privileged Single Mothers of Somaliland ( Habraha  shill  Shillis ) ?   What bad he did?

Or what is wrong with Omer Sheikh Mohamed ( Omer Yare ) the minister  of Labor and community service, and Osman Garad Sofe?  Did they refuse to be  House – Slaves?

Dear reader,  I get irritated when some critics define Somaliland as a country of  the Three Single Mothers with privileged status.  But  when I am speaking to myself alone, I come to the conclusion that, that  notion or concept is true.   Where did he end up Garad Abdi Qani Garad Jama, one of the foundation stones of the Sovereignty  of Somaliland who supported us in our days of doom and gloom.  And who had denied that blood is thicker than water.   What was the fate of the martyr of the Sovereignty of Somaliland  and where he ended up.  That patriotic honest man who had a platonic  love for the cooperation and co- existence of all the counterparts of Somaliland, Mr. Fuad Adan Adde?   Mr. Silanyo believes the only good Niger, is the dead Niger and all the other counterparts of this country is nothing but nuts.  They should be under the thumb of the three Single Mothers.  where is he and how he died that miserable Ambassador in exile, the deceased Ambassador Mr. Fagadhe ?   The victim of stress and depression.  Where is Said Mohamed Gees, who was one of the foundation stones of Somaliland, that man that was thrown in to oblivion.  Where is the Minister of Interior Mr. Mohamed Faratoon  who has got frustrated by the silly – orders and commands  of some cheap elements that live to eat.   Those with no principals or ethics of good governing but got there by dynasty.  It came to my knowledge that  he fled recently  to London to hide out of eyeing  those ugly faces of those meritless concubines.   And how many more other counterparts  who were given a bad – turn?  You name it !   Dear reader, this is enough warning and alarming signal to the Khatumo Group.  A practical experience is a good guide.   Mr. Silanyo, you can’t teach justices by taking a mile and giving an inch to the other  counterparts.   Mr. Silanyo, the best argument  against democracy  is a five minutes conversation  with the average voter.    Injustices is the evil’s deeds and it infects both, the heart and the soul  with misery.   Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.   Mr. Silanyo, I may be drunk right now, but in the morning I will be sober, and you will still be ugly.

Dear reader, no man has a good enough memory to be a successful Liar.   Mr. Silanyo, I can see your evil smile, snore and you will sleep alone.

Dear reader, Mr. Silanyo, believes that  women’s mind  is more cleaner than a man’s mind; because she changes it more often.   That is why his top – Aides are the traditional leaders without moustaches.    Dear reader, Mr. Silanyo believes  when in trouble honest politicians cry and children whine, but smart politicians like him sabotages others.   That is what happened to Mujahid Musa Bihi  and that sabotage – operation is still in process up to now.  Dear reader, Mr. John F. Kennedy said, people shouldn’t be afraid of their Government, the Government  should be afraid of it’s people.   When Government  fears the people, there is liberty.   But when the people fear their Government, there is tyranny.    Mr. Nelson Mandela said, I do not deny, however,  that I planned sabotage.   I did not plan it in a spirit of recklessness nor because I have any love of violence.   I planned it as a result  of a calm and sober assessment  of the political  that had arisen after many years of tyranny, exploitation  and oppression of my people by the White man.   Mr. Silanyo, your style is a reflection of your attitude and personality.   I love you when you are wearing An American  Golf – Cap  while you patrolling through the hungry masses.    Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose.   The battle  line  between good and evil runs through the heart of every man.

Mr. Silanyo, we can’t accept under the Gun – Point  to put the Opposition Parties members behind Iron – Bars without apparent reasons.  It is an insult to democracy to hinder and obstruct the chairman of the National assembly and at the same time the Chairman of the Wadani  Opposition party, who has an immunity,  to visit one of his colleagues at the Police Station.  Adding an insult to injury by your  Green Dogs.   That is shame to democracy in rank and file,  and tomorrow is another day.  Dear reader,  Mr. John F. Kennedy said, the word  ” secrecy” is repugnant and extremely distasteful in a free and open Society; and we are as people inherently  and historically opposed to secret  imprisonment , to secret contracts, to secret treaty, to secret oaths and to secret proceedings.   Mr. Silanyo turned Somaliland into a country where justice is denied, where poverty is enforced and where ignorance prevails and leads.

Where  the future generation are taught on the National TV that tribalism is a class.  Where an organized conspiracy to oppress , rob and degrade  them, neither persons  nor property will be  safe.   Dirty – Money hoarding is a style, a fashion, an addiction and a tacit conspiracy that  implied without being stated.   Dear reader, we are here on earth to help each other, what on earth the silanyo regime  is here, I don’t know.

Dear reader,  I feel shy to admire or praise our own Napoleon Bonaparte, the Hero who freed our own Golan Heights.  One of the most successful military leaders of the SNM freedom fighters who had decided when we were surrounded by  the brutal enemy.   To rest his Body Ashes on the Golis Mountains.  But luckily defeated the enemy there.   I feel tongue tied because of modesty to narrate  his bravery  – archive  and achievements in the battle field to relay it to the present young generation.    That  military commander who is now crying inside the heart because  of  stress , and depression.   Not believing to what was fated to him after all that  sacrifice, long marathon of struggle and  hardship.  Simply because I don’t want to introduce personality – cults to the young generation.   Or to give some clips of the courage and sacrifice of the Blue – Eyed – Boy  of Somaliland, Mr. Abdirahman Aw Ali .  That amiable soldier with hereditary bravery  and a will of steel.  Who believes that the road to heaven is paved with thorns, mines, booby – traps  and explosives.  An obstinate Soldier that shakes the fort of his enemy.

A true believer,  that one with courage is a majority.   I always hesitate to adorn or appreciate the magnificent  sacrifice and huge endeavour of Mujahid Hassan Isse Jama who had spent his golden time and education to free his nation from the shackles of slavery and humiliation.   And now staying in a dormant state  and under hibernation.   Simply because  he doesn’t want to make  the clean Collar of his political career  to be stained by  the present muddy dirty – ditch of politics that prevails right now in Somaliland.   I feel tongue – tied to glorify his profile of sacrifice with all that dear and gold,  or to magnify his  spirit of nationalism.    So that some narrow minded elements  may regard it  as a sign of nepotism.  And we feel reluctant to express at least few notes of thanks to the Unknown Soldier Mujahid Doctor Tani and many others.    Doctor Tani who can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow brave by reflections.

That  Unknown – Soldier with a high social rank among his peers.  Instead, some ignorant  cheap concubines who live to eat,  introduce us unwillingly to some aliens like, Mrs. Draught  A . Winter, the Money – Vacuume whom we share nothing in principal or in purpose.

Dear reader, can you believe that some of the food – Relief are in the market of Hargeisa, displayed openly on the shelves of the private shops while bearing  the name ( UNICEF  ).   All the evil deeds of the old – Vampire are practiced by this notorious regime but we have to stand the heat,  simply because  we fall victim to our brothers and sisters of the Isaaq tribe.  Just swallow it,  because the club on our  head is a friendly – fire.

Mr. Silanyo, don’t chase your dreams, catch them.   There is nothing new under the sun.   You are cute when you are angry.

Dear reader, a nod is as good as a wink to a blind man.

Yusuf Deyr,

Hargeysa, Somaliland