Somaliland opposition party UCID has taken the government head on over arbitrary detention of Journalists.

Addressing the press at the party headquarters, the information secretary of UCID party Yusuf Keyse condemned the arbitrary detention of journalists in Somaliland and warned the government against slipping into an authoritarian rule.

Mr. Keyse said the detention of journalists has increased lately and lamented the recent simultaneous closure of two media outlets.

He said the increase in the detention of journalists was an evidence of the government’s failure, adding that the suppression of media is not in line with the constitution and values of Somaliland and are detrimental to its image abroad.

He urged the government to respect the rule of law and to immediately release the detained journalists and to stop the harassment and suppression of media. The remarks of the opposition official come amid a government crackdown on the independent press which saw the detention of three journalists within a week and the suspension of two media outlets.