A total of 876 migrants were registered at MRCs across the region in August. The largest number of migrants were registered in Obock (225), followed by Semera (214), Bosasso (171), Metema (144) and Hargeisa (122).

Compared to July, migrant registrations sharply increased in Semera, due to growing awareness on the referral of vulnerable migrants, who are stranded at the border, to MRCs. Migrant registrations decreased in Hargeisa due to heavy rains, reducing movements in the area. The MRC in Bosasso also witnessed fewer registrations in August due to increased departure activity following an improvement in weather conditions at sea.

All except two of the registered migrants were Ethiopian nationals, mainly coming from the Oromia (44%), Amhara (27%) and Tigray (13%) regions. Of the registered migrants, 67% were male and 33% were female. While 51% of registered men were travelling alone, most women (53%) were travelling within a group.

A total of 180 children were registered in August. The majority were registered in Hargeisa (80). The MRC in Hargeisa was the only MRC in the region to register children under the age of 5 (39) in August. The MRC in Hargeisa continues to attract a larger number of families compared to other MRCs in the region, due to its location in an area where many migrant families have settled.
Most registrees were headed towards the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (65%). The rest were headed towards other Gulf countries (14%) or migrating within Somalia (13%).

Overall, most registered migrants reported migrating for economic (89%) and educational (12%) reasons, and for the purpose of family reunification (12%).

International Organization for Migration