By Goth Mohamed Goth

President of the Republic of Somaliland, H.E Muse Bihi Abdi and the peace committee from Sanaag region, today reached a consensus on ending the long-running insurgency in the mountainous Sanaag region.

In a meeting with the president, the two sides agreed to immediately resolve the situation in the mountainous areas of Sanaag region, and jointly support peace and stability in the region, with the President agreeing to pardon the mutinous troops who have been involved in skirmishes and reintegrate in the regular forces.

The President told the peace committee that he will use all powers bestowed upon him to secure peace saying, “As long as I am the president, I accept your request and I will implement it.”

He further added that, “As the President, I pardon and declare a general amnesty to all the mutinous troops under Col. Said Caare, since the law permits me but at the same time I would like to inform that Col. Said Caare case is different from the non commissioned soldiers  because he is an officer thence the need to follow the due cause of the law that’s when I can pardon him.

Finally, the president praised the Sanaag region’s peace delegation for their hard work and perseverance and commitment to lasting peace in the Sanaag region, he further urged them to work jointly in finding a last solution to the inter-communal violence in Eel Afweyn.

The traditional elders led by Sultan Mohamed Sultan Abdikadir and Sultan Mohamed Hersi Qani on their part accepted the outcome of the meeting and thanked the President for pardoning soldiers.