By Goth Mohamed Goth

Ministry of Agriculture has announced that it is taking urgent prevention and controlling measures on the proliferation of locusts in the country.

Hon Ahmed Muumin Seed, minister of agriculture has unveiled plans for prevention and control measures on the proliferation of locust which has affected some regions and districts in the country and they’ve deployed teams to spray the insecticides in the affected areas.

He tipped that the assessment shows that the migratory adult locust population from Yemen has entered parts of the country.  “We concerned that there is a high possibility of breeding under this harvest season which may affect crop production, so strict monitoring and early control is needed to prevent further swarms forming and spread to the rest of the country, the minister of agriculture stressed.

Minister Ahmed Mumin Seed continued, “The area’s most affected locust infestation is in the eastern parts of Sahil region and earlier today we received reports that they have spread to Sanaag, Sool, Saylac, Aisha Ado, and El Gaal and we are currently working closely with our partner organizations on needs to reinforce vigilance and control measures in order to contain the vicious infestations by deploying spraying vehicles to those areas and at the same time reduce potential dangers and protect bees, pastures, and livestock.