Axiom International Ltd have this week conducted a three-day workshop on information management; including methods of gathering, exploiting and sharing information, departmental functions and how they overlap and how the Coast Guard as an organisation can improve its efficiency and effectiveness.

The workshop was held at Coast Guard Headquarters in Hargeisa and attended by a combined group of Coast Guard personnel from Hargeisa and Berbera and National Service graduates including female support staff.

During the three days attendees were engaged in:

Coast Guard specific IT training on the use of ASAAS and secure email.

Using ASAAS and the information within to inform their planning process.

Identifying specific functions within departments and identifying areas where departments overlap and complement each other.

Identifying areas of organisational strength, and how they can be developed.

Identifying areas of organisational weakness, and how they can be improved.

This workshop was a really worthwhile training evolution for the Somaliland Coast Guard and will assist them in their continued development.