The President H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi chaired the 54th Council of Cabinet meeting that for the first time had the JPLG delved upon in detail such level.

The joint Program for Local Governance is technically led by the VP since it was first introduced in the country in 2008 while the VP H.E. Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismael Eyli’i gave an outline repcup of the history of the program since it’s in caption whereby pilot project were initiated at eight districts to the present one in 20230 in which the Erigavo, Lasanod, and Ainabo districts are in the itinerary.

On their party, the national JPLG officials who were at the Presidency gave detailed information on the programs whose projects focused on the uplifting of basic social necessity needs of the people like health, education and water services on one hand and n the other uplifting the income of the general local government authorities.

The minister of health development information the cabinet on the readiness his department has gone to inorder to guard the nation against the epidemic afflicting the world today, the coronavirus.

He noted that points of entry to the country have been prioritized just as they have stepped up public health hygiene dissemination and awareness.

It is worth noting that the JPLG in a UN program directed at 49 (now 39) least developed countries to uplift the standard of living of their populaces and bolstering their local governments and administrations.

Their top heads were in the country fortnight ago.

On the other hand, the coronavirus menace has lately reported in our neighboring country of Ethiopia with over two dozen confirmations.