By Goth Mohamed Goth

Burao- Somaliland Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources announced that it would look into grievances by the residents of Burao town over the high electricity bills.

The Burao residents are up in arms over apparently higher-than-normal monthly utility bills received from the HECO electricity company in recent months.

Residents of Burao town, Togdheer region are venting on social media following the delivery of recent high electric bills.

Mr. Mohamed Yusuf Ismail, the Director-General in the ministry of energy and minerals resources accompanied by the director of the energy department and Mr. Mahmoud Askar, the director of public relations and media, and the ministry regional coordinator for Togdheer region currently on a factfinding mission met with top management and engineers of HECO Electricity Company in Burao to discuss the resident’s grievances.

The Director-General and his delegation are here to address the recent complaints from the Burco people, through Social Media, and on the other hand, the delegation will hold meetings with the Togdheer Regional Government and the Municipality of Burao.

The Director-General on his part said that the ministry of energy and minerals resources would issue a statement regarding the matter soon.