By Goth Mohamed Goth

The two technical committees representing Somaliland and Somalia in the ongoing Consultation talks in Djibouti late last night signed a five-point preliminary agreement.

The two sides also agreed upon five points as guidelines for the three subcommittees jointly address. The Djiboutian Foreign Minister who is currently chairing the meeting read the five points press after last-minute efforts to salvage the talks which had earlier hit a snug.

  1. How to continue holding future meetings in a conducive and meaningful way.
  2. How to restore mutual trust between the two sides.
  3. To implement the provisions agreed upon the previous conferences that were not honored, such as International Financial Assistance and Humanitarian Assistance, a committee has been formed to address the matter and will convene within the next fifteen (15) days in Djibouti.
  4.  The two sides have formed a third committee to discuss air control, which will convene in Djibouti within fifteen days.


All three committees will meet in Djibouti in the next fifteen days. Two other committees were formed namely the Technical Sub-committee and the Joint Ministerial Sub-Committee, both shall convene in the coming 45 days in Djibouti to evaluate the performance of sub-committees.