By Goth Mohamed Goth

Residents of Selel in two different locations found the remains of five trekking travelers believed to be illegal immigrants of Ethiopian origin.

Earlier reports indicated that only one traveler died of thirst and heat-related causes have now been confirmed to be by.

According to our sources, the bodies were found between Jidi, Asha-ado, Eelgaal , Saylac, and Lawya-ado rangelands in spate 48 hours to a week.

According the area residents the five trekking travellers believed to be illegal immigrants of Ethiopian origin where on transit to Djibouti.

Police in the area urged residents to report any movements of people to be illegal immigrants.

The remains of the dead were by the Saylac Municipal council with the help of Somaliland Red Crescent Societies.

This is not the first time that such trekkers perished in similar circumstances in the same area.