The standard harmonization process has been prepared by the technical harmonization committee (THC) of the two standard bodies. The committee is comprised of technical experts from regulatory, manufacturer, standards bodies, private business, professional associations, and conformity assessment enterprises. The standards comprised of 17 standards on agricultural products, on foods, and related and construction material standards.

Harmonization of the standards refers to the development and use of a mutually established single reference/document with greater coverage of essential requirements for the agreed scope of a standard between two or more standard bodies. It also the extent to which standards can fit together and create the best workable solution without essentially going to attempt uniformity of different standards between the countries.

The harmonization process was supported by trademark east African company, which works on the aim of growing prosperity in East Africa through trade. The development of the standards considered the current status of trade between the two countries and the future trade needs for improvement and to strengthen economic ties.

The published harmonize standards officially launched in Addis Ababa by Mr Bonsa Bayissa, deputy director General of Ethiopian Standards Agency and Commissioner Musa Hassan of Somaliland quality control commission.

Ethiopian Standard Agency ESA
Somaliland Quality Control Commission