MOGADISHU (Somalilandpress)-The president of the Transitional FederalGovernment of Somalia, Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmad, has accused theinternational community of failing to play their role towards Somalia,adding that his country was in dire need of their support. Speaking at the African Union summit in the Ethiopian capital, AddisAbaba, The president has asked the world for political support, troopsand weapons, which he said will be used to fight against Islamicgroups fighting his government and western countries policies.. ‘’ We ask for more troops to join the African Union PeacekeepingMission those are doing a very good task’’ he said in his speech. He waved the international community to show their commitment ofpacifying Somalia, as well as restoring law and order. He has also outlined that his government is in what he termed as”preparation of liberation”, which is about a war against the armedrebel groups. “The Transitional Government is ready to liberate its country. We arefighting against terrorists who invaded our country and its our dutyto fight them” said Sheikh Ahmad, said on the sideline of the AfricanUnion leaders. He did not mention on the civilians suffering [because of the war] andways to help them, but he said that Somalis are in need of peace, lawand order, adding that all these depend on implementing the interestof the transitional government.

The president has also said that the era of talks has ended, byaccusing Al-Shabab of trying to take the control of the East Africanregion, adding that the military power which Al-Shabab hassubstantiated that. He urged neighbouring countries to extend full support to his government. The prop up call by Sharif came as the rebels dug trenches near thepresidential palace, posing threats to his weak government. Residentsare critic to the government for failing quick security measures andlong-drawn-out failed promises on the security. SomalilandpressMogadishu-Somalia


  1. This guy is useless, he should be forced to step down, I honestly believe he is a cover man for Al Shabab, he gives them information materials and weapons secretly while pretending to be an enemy of them.

    After all they were one and Somali people dont forget their old friends.

  2. If at all any decency is left in him, he should at once and without any further delays resign from the seat of power.
    As a person, he proved weak and incompetent and as a politician he is unskilled. He should look for another way of making a living. He is simply inept in this leadership post.

    Even in best of times he would not qualify to lead a country let alone this difficult time that Somalia is going through.

  3. The only way he can hold on to the power in Somalia is to immediately recognize Somaliland. We can be of some help if he does that.

    Ilayn talo isumaa kaa sheegto.