13802_notafraid_1_460x230Hundreds of thousands will march through the streets of Paris tomorrow to support the beautiful French values of equality, fraternity and liberty — and we can be there with them.

The entire world will be watching what happens as people take to the streets in response to the brutal murder of twelve people on Wednesday. Counter protests are planned, Europe’s far-right are mobilising throughout France, and two Muslim places of worship have already been attacked. This is just what the gunmen wanted: division and fear.

But tomorrow we can show them that citizens everywhere also support the values the journalists, staff and policeman died for. Click below to join, and Avaaz staff in Paris will carry all our names in the march:


On Sunday, marchers will be joined by French President Hollande, Germany’s Angela Merkel, the UK’s David Cameron, Spain’s Mariano Rajoy, and many others. But this isn’t just a moment for France or even just Europe. This is one of those moments when those of us who stand for tolerance and freedom of expression everywhere can raise our hands, our pens and our voices. Because the effects of violence like this ripples out, and threaten all of our freedoms.

Many of us found the cartoons in Charlie Hebdo offensive, racist and purposely inflammatory. Along with the Prophet Mohammed, they targeted immigrants, nuns, the pope, Jews and more. But free speech is easy to support until we’re asked to stand for the speech we don’t like. We can help define the message this attack sends to the world’s reporters, editors, and publishers. And to those who would like to see them silenced. 

We can’t all be in Paris on Sunday, but if we all sign our names in support, we will be able to show over one million people stand in solidarity with those in the streets, an important message of global unity at a time when it is so desperately needed. Click below to join in:


What happens after these attack will affect all of us. The world will be choosing between a crackdown and anger or unity in the face of fear. This is our chance to respond with a clear call for hope and cooperation, for liberty, equality and fraternity.

With sadness, but also so much hope and determination,

Emma, Nell, Mais, Ricken, Mélanie and the whole Avaaz team


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