HARGEISA, 18 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Today Somaliland is passing through a critical period since its existence as a separate state.

First, there is a president and his regime whose priority is to remain in power, whatever it costs, the president’s term in office was extended several times and now the president is entertaining the illusion of getting another extension.

It is apparent that the president and his advisors never take seriously their responsibility that they are the servants of the people and they are in power because of constitutional reasons. Their action, purpose and intend have been geared to frustrate other stakeholders, such as the parliament and the political parties.

They also do not give the attention required by law and ethics of governance to give attention to the interest and feelings of the people.

Here is a president and his aides who are out of touch of the Somaliland unique present situation in terms of history, international context and above all a society urging for regime change.

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Second, there are opposition political parties who have been patient for a long time with the present regime. The opposition parties accepted several times the almost unconstitutional extension for the regime for the sake of the Somaliland people. Furthermore, the opposition parties feel strongly that there are no national partner to deal with, but instead a president and a regime whose thinking is beyond the known Somaliland philosophical and political consensus. Now this regime who has worn “a dictatorship coat” disregards any other argument and idea.

The opposition parties have been pushed to the world and God knows what their final actions would be if the president does not listen and return to the legality.

Third, we have a society (Somaliland) who is not fully aware of their constitutional rights and who are not equipped consciously, educationally and economically to pursue their rights. For example, they seem to be not ready to come forward to fight for their rights that the present regime of Somaliland has denied of them for a long time.

Today a unique opportunity has appeared for the people of Somaliland. It is the first time that the parliament has taken a courageous move and action to restore the law of the country. The parliament has to be congratulated but that is not enough. The people of Somaliland both inside and outside the country have to come together to give full support to the parliament’s action and to say no to the president’s tricks to sabotage the constitution of the country.

Today the population of Somaliland is divided into two main forces:

(1) Democratic force fighting for regime change, good governance, maintaining for peace and working for the recognition of Somaliland and that Somaliland gets its right place in the community of nations;

(2) Dark force who are undemocratic, ridden with clan self-centered reactionary ideology, selfishness and political and economical interests. These forces are preoccupied with the advancement of their economical interests and with retaining power, by all means, regardless the consequences of their actions.

The future of Somaliland is in balance. It is the time that the people of Somaliland should wake up and give support to the opposition parties so that the people’s vision of Somaliland is realized. This week is a crucial week for the history of our people. Either we will regret the opportunity that we have missed or we will push our rights to achieve what our people deserve, which is a free and fair election and that the election must take place as it was fixed on the 27th of September and that we have a new government and new rulers.

By Dr. Mohamed-Rashid Sheikh Hassan



  2. Who is this guy? is he an MD or a Phd and in what field? After Riyale we need to quiz these guys who shoe up out of nowhere and become unelected officials in Somaliland. We the people had enough and dont want another loser to occupy the highest office in the land.

  3. well done mr. mohamed rashid,

    but what you are going to do when the government is on the wrong side of the terrain.

    please put in place an aggressive measurements in order to force the regime to make enough concessions.

  4. Dr Rashid thanks for your enlightened article, I am proud of you. It took you to describe the "light forces" of the country in 30 words, while "dark forces" took 41 words, 11 words more to illustrate what is at stake. Quote “retaining power, by all means, regardless the consequences of their actions" unquote.

    I honestly felt in these extra 11 words of yours, come out of desperation or a bit of exaggeration. Yes retaining power regardless the consequence of the outcome, which greed, and foolishness to me, but not by all means to attain that, since the ruling party is willing to held the election by September 27 if Allah wills.

    The ball is in the court of opposition parties. Is there a way to deny the dark forces to rock the boat ignobly with no single drop of blood? I think it is time to merge the two opposition parties into one single party BY ALL MEANS NECESSARY and get ready for the election. I think that is easier then putting the entire nation’s fate in limbo.

    Alla Mahadleh.

    Somaliland Independent Big Picture Think-Tank

  5. Dr Rashid don't get me wrong, all the 11 extra words are not extra to me, only 3 words which is: BY ALL MEANS. Indeed a Crucial Week for Somaliland: A Time to unleash a highly sophisticated well thought plan to rescue the country in this blessed month of Ramadan without worrisome.

    Don't forget that we want to decommission the first ever elected President in Somaliland through Ballot Box, in region or continent I should say, full of despots and tyrants and it won't surprise anyone if he opted to follow the footsteps dictator Barre. I hope not.

    May Allah (swt) save Somaliland and allow its flourishing.