Hargeisa, 3 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – The Somaliland situation was mixed nowadays. There were a rough words and sometimes followed actions which was based on emotion, sending through to the media and other communications. Some analysis indicted there could be a terrible condition ahead for Somaliland democratic process. Also, it was recently when the UCID chairman called locally and internationally to intervene and to slow down the frequency and unpleasant tones coming from government and political parts.

According to the events taking place in Somaliland, one may not deny the reality: there are worried circumstances which are surrounded a sacristy and anxiety. But, on the words of the political science it should be that way when there is a heated discussion between the political parts. In west and the developed world, which was recently included Somaliland when it comes the election and political disagreements, goes through this hot and sticky process.

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The Clinton administration, because of dispute between political institutions, was forced to close the government weeks. In fact, this method is not only unique to the government, but sometimes the political disagreement divides the rule makers such as senators and congresses. The rule and law works when political divergence becomes visible.

The political disagreement that has been started in Somaliland will be destructive because of luck of justice and judiciary system that acts as a go-between the political parts. Taking to the account the united state’s higher court judges, the president appoints them and this scenario doesn’t create a political confusion and military coupe. All political parts use their own political tricks to advance and pursuit the public support when there is a political difference. Off course, the press releases, political desire destructions, and hurting a wounded spots is normal for politics. Day and night there is a fighting going on behind the doors.

Therefore, all parts specially the oppositions the peaceful way approach to solve this genuine political confutation is absolutely correct strategy. A peaceful demonstration is the example of prolongation and continuation of a democratic system and on the other hand it will force the government to come to the negotiation table . Moreover, the way government will respond this peaceful demonstration if they happen, is also sending a signal to the peace lovers around the world.

As always both chairmen of opposition parts declares, Somaliland will not a face a hard time and there will be always negotiations in plan. The approaches will be change when involvement of international community steps up. The delegate from embassy of Britten is always seen in Hargiesa the capital of Somaliland when fever and political high temperature surround the environment. The Unite State of America announces that they will send a legal expert to Somaliland as it happened before. Therefore, there will be a hope in Somaliland all time. Don’t be Sad, Face the nation!

Eng Cayanb
Washington DC


  1. For those of us in diaspora, we get our daily news about Somaliland from Somaliland media.
    The problem we are facing nowadays is that rearly do we get an impartial news.
    They are either for or againest the current government, these not a true media but a hired guns or a clan leaning which do not help Somaliland causes. we need a true media reports who can be as neutral as possible and pass on the fact on the ground not what they heard from the government or opposition parties.

    For example, the current crisis we hear from the government point of view is why they are right and will not accept the server and why they kicked out the interpeace guy from the Country, and then we here the opposition side saying why it is wrong not to use the server and to remove the guy from the country.

    We need an impartial news media to Inform us the truth and we can make our correct decision.
    What you guys are doing now is to open many doors for Somaliland enemies to take an advantage of current crisis and attack Somaliland from every corner.
    Somaliland news Media, please give us the fact and be true patriotic to your country.
    Long live Somaliland and it's people.

  2. Lets research who is writting all these article for Somalilandpress. This website is design by someone who is not measuring what cost or value the news they post is affecting the country. I advise the the owners of this web to revisit what was your vision when you start this website. Which I am thinking your orignal goal of this website was to deliver honest news to the people of somaliland and other people who would like fellow somaliland news. please take full ownership your website and the more you do the more we can trust you. Somaliland is in the urge of recognition and some of the news that i read from this website quetion me who are the owners? what is their goal?,

    That is my thought.

  3. Mr. Oday
    I for one have found this website SomalilandPress to be unbiase when it comes to coverage of Somaliland news and current issue. So why don't we support sites like Somalilandpress rather than judging all the Somaliland media outlets the same. SomalilandPress is the only Somaliland website that has in Google it's headquarter office "Hargeisa,Somaliland". Also as we know there are so many websites that are being operated by the enemies of Somaliland that put false news/image of Somaliland in Google News. SomalilandPress is doing very in putting out a positive image of Somaliland to the world. Let us give credit when credit is due.

    Thank you
    Loyal visitor of SomalilandPress

    Ahmed Warsame
    Washington DC, USA

  4. Pro. ali mazrui once said: Africa's future depends its dispora but i doubt whether somalilander's based abroad are objective enough because i see many who are complaining meadia outlets rather this regime whom eroded our image of abroad to the lowest level.

  5. In my opinion, there is different between just news and news that have personal idea in it. It is the reader is responsibility to search and look for the correct news. Forexample, people see things differenly and that is oky. Two reporters who are reporting same news at the same time can be different when they are sending that same news. They may use different headers, grammers and news may have something to do with them personally instead of everyone else.

    An example of this is like one reporter who is based in Somaliland but he only reports the bad news about the Government of Somaliland. One day another reporter sat with him and he asked him, brother don’t you have anything that is good to report about Mr. Riyale and Udub. XITAA IRBAD DUNLAGAIYANA HANOQOTEE. His answer was that he is no friend of Mr. Riyale and went on telling something that happened between him and Mr.Riyale

    He was honest man but he lost his readers becuase they found out it was personal attact rather than attack that need Somaliland to be better. My views are general and has not dirrected any Somali own websites.