HARGEISA, 26 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Time just seems to go by, some times with painful regularity and others with the beauty of natural rhythm of the seasons. People around different corners of the world are born to be successful but conditioned to lose. What makes people highly respected while others are absurd is just a little knowledge.

Iam merry to share my last words with my cherished graduates whom I halves an excellent time of my life. It is not an easy chore to be four years in University, but our keenness, dedication and commitment made us to signpost one of our memorable years of our lives. Today we are commemorating the ending of a new chapter in our lives which is four years of sacrifice and handwork.

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I have always dreamed of the completion of my degree of economics during the four year in University of Hargeisa. It was sheer hard work which made it possible for me to become one of the first economic graduates that obtain a degree from the university. As an ambitious student it is necessary that you know your self and your ability very well. May be you are talented person. May be you are naturally full of zip and robust. Even if you are keep your mind to turn your vision into reality.

With regards to my first year at the university, most students enter university eager-eyed, excited about learning, and anxious to learn. Their parents are excited too. But lack of orientation towards how university works and even choosing their studying career disappointed many parents and their children and same lost the goodness at the university.

With out guiding the students, many friends urge you to go into very specific professional fields. These are mainly the business studies, such as accounting and administration and technological studies. Very few students go into the sciences, such as medicine and other sciences and make a career out of it.

There is a widespread myth among high school graduates that choosing sciences are very hard and takes long time according to the other fields. These professionals have financially more expensive than careers of business and information technology. It is important to note that it is petty which profession you choose; what is imperative is that you utilize your skills successfully, and get all there is to obtain within that field of study.

Dear graduates your university days are over. You are finally in the real world. You have graduated, walked across the stage and climbed down from the stairs of the academy, leading you right into the real world. Your first job awaits you now. But you’re not worried because you’re ready: After spending all those sleepless nights. Keeping in mind that there are so many challenges ahead of you. The whole world wants us because we are special persons.

My brothers and sisters in faith let me remind you that we are going to the next plateau in life. Learning doesn’t end with obtaining degree but it is long life adventure. Keep in mind that life outside there is harsh and it is only for the hardworking people. Continue learning and apply the skills and experiences that you acquired in University of Hargeisa to the real life of your society.

Finally, I would like to use this chance to sincerely appreciate to my beloved lecturers with out their persistence and endorsement I wouldn’t have reached this level. Thanks also to the faculty of Economics and Business Administration for their busy academic year, the faculty is working around the clock to ensure we attain our intended courses as well as finishing the course outline of each subjects. Let me leave behind my genuine appreciation to the university management team who has prepared every effort to run the university slickly and smoothly.

The library is one vital tool for writing our thesis paper. Our library has got enough resources to enable our students a culture of reading specially those who are ready to graduate in the university. I would like to thank the librarian for his tireless effort to help the students and lecturers.

To cut my words short, you graduate the question is “AFTER THE UNIVERSITY WHAT IS NEXT?

Our motto is “Keen to learn, motivated to help, and eager to be recognized as important contributor to your society”.

Written by: Farhan Abdi Suleiman (oday)
Farhan Abdi Suleiman is a social worker, fresh graduate at university of Hargeisa and youth activist. You can be contacted at oday1999@yahoo.com
Tell: 4401132