Abu Dhabi Ports is at the forefront of developing Africa’s energy sector, with its CEO, Mohamed Juma Al Shamsi, set to speak at Africa Energy Week (AEW) 2023. The key event is scheduled to take place from 16 to 20 October in Cape Town. Town, is a testament to the critical role that modern port infrastructure and logistics play in promoting energy development across the African continent.

Africa is rich in energy resources, including oil and gas and emerging sources such as hydrogen. To fully exploit these resources, collaboration with well-established and reliable port operations and logistics companies such as Abu Dhabi Ports is essential. Al Shamsi’s participation is of great importance.

It will showcase the opportunities available to expand port infrastructure in Africa, in line with the continent’s quest for an energy renaissance and revitalization of infrastructure. Under Al Shamsi’s leadership, Abu Dhabi Ports played a pivotal role in expanding and modernizing port infrastructure in Africa.

This includes cooperation with the governments of Somaliland and Ethiopia to transform the port of Berbera into a regional logistics hub