Mogadishu, Somalia – 13 August 2014: The Acting Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, Honorable Lydia Wanyoto Mutende has expressed her satisfaction at the achievements made by AMISOM in support of peace and stability but appealed for more logistical and technical support.


Speaking to the visiting UN Security Council delegation, Honorable Lydia Mutende said while significant gains had been made in liberating more Somali territory from the Al-Shabaab tyranny, AMISOM continued to face several challenges that impinge on its ability to implement its mandate.


Hon. Wanyoto-Mutende said: “AMISOM continues to operate without the necessary force enablers and force multipliers required for an operation of this nature. Further, the mission operates with only a minimal maritime capability, and without dedicated maritime assets.


The Somali National Army also continued to be hamstrung by a lack of sufficient logistical support. “It has also become clear that following the conduct of joint AMISOM and SNA operations the pace at which other activities are undertaken in newly recovered areas is too slow to sustain the security gains which have been made,” she said.


AMISOM ‘s inability to deliver Quick Impact Projects in newly liberated areas left affected communities with no tangible peace dividends, Hon. Wanyoto-Mutende said and bemoaning the slow delivery of humanitarian or other assistance to these communities. She underscored the need to deploy more police to newly liberated towns to maintain law and order, and pledged AMISOM’s support in building the capacity of the Somali Police Force (SPF).


“The security situation in the country at large and especially Mogadishu is now increasingly becoming a concern for the police due to the increased criminal activities and assassination threats on members and employees of the Federal Government of Somalia. The SPF will need to be supported in the recruitment of police officers and have them trained and deployed to all areas including the newly recovered areas. Increased police activity and police presence is clearly required,” Hon. Wanyoto-Mutende said.