The Africa Relief Committee continued its charitable, social, and development projects, by establishing five mosques with their facilities in different regions of Somaliland.

The committee inaugurated the “Al-Tawbah” mosque in Burma city, the “Makiya and Lulwa Khalaf Al-Maatouq” mosque in the Ali Haid area in the Awdel region, and the “Dhaif Allah Rashdan Al-Mutairi” mosque in the capital, Hargeisa.
And the mosques of “Al Faisal” and “Arshid Faleh Hattab Al Hamshi” in the cities of Sheikh and Mandera, “Saahil” region in northern Somaliland.

The area of ​​the five mosques established by the African Relief Committee ranged between 70 and 100 meters, with a capacity of 166-200 worshipers, in addition to the facilities of toilets and ablutions for each mosque.