ADDIS ABABA (Somalilandpress) — The Namibia Foreign Minister, Mr. Marco Mukoso Hausiku stated in an interview with Geeska Afrika, that African Union members are awaiting a report on Somaliland and other political issues in the Horn of Africa.

Speaking in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, before the gathering of AU Foreign ministers, Mr. Mukoso Hausika, confirmed to members of the Somaliland media, that the African Union is awaiting the final report on the situation in the Horn of Africa relating to the political conflicts between Eritrea and Djibouti, Eritrea and Ethiopia and the case of Somaliland continued campaign for international recognition.

Responding to a question from the Somaliland media regarding the international recognition of their country, Mr. Mukoso Hausika stated “It is not prudent for Namibia to commit itself to a position without receiving the forth coming report on Somaliland . But, we will judge the issue on its merits and take into consideration the conclusion of the report.”

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Mr. Mukoso Haukisa continued “Namibia is willing to explore co-operation with all the people of Africa and the world. We would like to see more mutual co-operation between African nations, in terms of the exchange of ideas, knowledge and all manner of assistance.”

Mr. Marco Mukoso Haukisa has been Namibian Foreign minister for the past seven years.

The Republic of Namibia formerly known as South West Africa gained its independence from South Africa in 1991 under the leadership of Sam Nujoma.

The Republic of Namibia is a multi-party democracy and a member of the Commonwealth.

Source: Geeska Afrika, 2 February 2010


  1. Good development. I hope the rest of the African nations who seem to be dragging their feet on the Somaliland issue follow suit soon

  2. These are the countries that our government needs to build relationships with and always over lip service to countries that hate our existance like djabouti. We need a government that can forcifully push a campaign to promote Somaliland to countries in central, west and southern africa. they are more understanding to our situation then those in our region for they have to many conflicting intrests when it comes to us achieving our ultmiate goal of independance.

  3. I agree Aydarus. We need an army of diplomats in every African capital selling Somaliland to those who know little about it if any at all. This however should be kept secret so our enemies(read Somalia, DJeabouti, Egypt) do not sneak up behind us like they are doing now with their ministers runing around the world on an anti-Somaliland campaign instead of fixing the hell-hole that is Somalia.

  4. Somaliland needs to buy it's independence and I feel this issue has not been explored before. There are number of African status which thier total income is similar to that of Somaliland
    I am sure $1 million would easily secure a full Independence.
    On the other hand John Drysdale is an expert in terms of Somali And the horn in particular. He wrote number of articles which explains exacty the Somali reunion and described it that it was illegal