Abdi Madoobe, Jihadist Group Leader at Las’Anod, vows to fight American nationals
“Here I want to talk to the US, the biggest and the most arrogant non-believer in the world. God willing, we are gathering here in full numbers and with all our weapons and everything is to fight you. We are carrying these weapons to behead white Americans.
What we want is to die for God’s sake here. We are not here for any other reason. We don’t want wealth, we don’t want fame.  We don’t have any other motive. There is a thing that If I pray to God, I cannot have. I would have appreciated in the name of Allah, if God had given me ten spirits of life to spend here but I cannot find. In every way, I pray to God, I cannot find it.”
 “I previously vowed to God to sacrifice my life here and I am so happy about it. If I had got ten spirits of life, in the name of God,
I would have spent them in this way. And about the Americans, God willing, I previously told and I am saying again, you will be lost. It is not about issue but with shedding your blood, to approach Allah and the promised Paradise “Jannah” is there,” says, Abdi Madoobe,  Al-Shabaab of AL-Qaeda’s Somalia-based branch.