Hargeisa, 21 July 2009 (somalilandpress)-Historically, there were numerous diverse groups who controlled Somalia—from the European colonialists to the dictatorial regime of Siyad Barre to the warlords—some of which were more brutal and murderous than others. However, these diverse groups had never committed the heinous crimes that Al-Shabab committed during their short period in Somalia. This is not to assert that the previous groups were not criminals, far from it. It is, however, to assert that the ways in which Al-Shabab implements its brutal and cruel tactics to terrorize the populace is unprecedented.

Al-Shabab’s most striking aspect of terrorizing, comparing with its previous counterparts, is that the group utilizes erroneously and hijacked our superb and superior religion, Islam. They misinterpreted the Holly Quran as well as the Hadiths, the sayings of the Prophet (PBUH), in order to achieve their selfish motives. They claim to be the only Muslims in the region while every other person is kafir, meaning unbeliever. Anyone who does not belong to their terror group or opposes their terrorist ideology is unbeliever and, as such, is subject to be humiliated, if not killed, tortured, beheaded or amputated. In order to terrorize the population beyond belief, they borrow new horrendous tactics from afar, either Afghanistan or Iraq, which are alien and shocking to our people: suicide bombings, public beheadings, public amputations, molestation, force marriage, and more. In addition, they brainwash our young boys daily to the extent that they made them a human bomb. They erroneously inform these young men that blowing themselves up for the sake of Islam (which not true) is one of the surest ways to enter paradise. These young men, having no formal education or religious education, believe these lies and kill tens of innocent people every day. These lies and brainwashing tactics are not taking place only in our country but numerous other places including Europe, America, and many parts of Africa as well as Arabia. We, as parents, struggled to safe our children from killing others or get hurt and we tried so hard to ensure that they will acquire a higher education. However, these terrorists took our children away from us. We should stand for our children and prevent them from being used as a means to selfish ends.

Al-Shabab brainwashed our beautiful and innocent young girls to marry an older men from either Afghanistan or Arab countries in order to support the “jihad,” as reported repeatedly. In numerous occasions when these courageous young girls refused to marry these ugly and old men, they were raped in order to terrorize other girls. These girls have only two choices: either to marry these old foreign men, whom they do not even understand their language, or prepare to be raped by these terrorists. Therefore, the only option that the girl has is to marry these men in order to safe herself from rape and humiliation. Some girls were brave enough to refuse such an inhumane and degrading act but they were labeled as adulators and were stoned to death after Al-Shabab raped them. These young girls were taken away from their parents against their approval and forced to be wedded to these terrorists. Night after night these girls were raped. These girls range from 12 to 22 and I prey to Allah every prayer to free their little innocent souls from these terrorists. [ad#Google Adsense (300×250)]

Every person, regardless his/her status, age, gender or position, who raises any concerns or dares to ask questions, let alone criticize them, is either tortured, beheaded or killed. The brave ones who attempted to resist these barbaric and horrendous killings are labeled as unbelievers in order to justify his/her death sentence. Moreover, there were countless people whom their hands/legs were amputated simply because they were against Al-Shabab’s injustices. These people were not thieves as Al-Shabab claimed. Rather, as numerous witnesses affirmed, they were innocent people who either refused to join Al-Shabab or who raise concerns about Al-Shabab’s brutal and ugliness. To add insult to injury, all of the tortures, amputations as well as beheadings take place in public in order to terrorize the populace. The people who are called to watch the banishment range from 5 year-old to 80 year-old, all of whom are innocent and powerless.

Al-Shabab attacked, killed, tortured and terrorized the most peaceful Muslim group in our country, Sufism. Sufists do not involve politics or governing issues. They devote their time and energy the worship of the Al-Mighty God, Allah (SW). Some of us might disagree with some aspects of their belief, but we all know that they were and still are peaceful group. However, after Al-Shabab failed to recruit their young men or win their sympathy, they started to terrorize them. The Sufists, however, defended itself though their worship is disrupted. The reason that Al-Shabab attacked these peaceful Sufists is this: Sufifsts refuse to murder and terrorize their fellow defenseless Muslims and Al-Shabab did not approve such a humane and peaceful approach, because Al-Shabab is blood thirsty.

The previous groups who controlled our country, Somali, did not commit such a heinous crime. They did not commit suicide acts in public places; they did not behead, amputate or torture people publicly; they did not force young girls to marry foreign men; they did not rape children. Al-Shabab terrorist groups are merciless killers. They are part of Al-Qaeda terrorist groups who killed and kill innocent people around the world. They are the ones who hijacked our religion and claim to be the defenders of Islam. Islam does not allow us to kill innocent people, regardless of their religion or believe as long as they are not harming Muslims. Furthermore, Islam forbids the killing of fellow Muslims. Al-Shabab rejects all of these religious verdicts and start killing innocent Muslims, let alone non-Muslims. Therefore, it is safe to assert that Al-Shabab is against the teaching of our religion. I am not in a position to say that Al-Shabab members are not Muslims. It is up to Allah to judge whether they are Muslims or not, though countless Sheikhs (Muslim scholars argue persuasively that they are not Muslims). Whatever the case, Al-Shabab’s reign of terror should be stopped.

Ismail Hassan


  1. That's one useful and very enlightening article, Al shabab are dangerous to any society whether Somali or American, they are twisted and this is what happens when humans think they are doing deeds on behave of God.

    This is why God gave us so much freedom and mind of our own.

    The Quran says: Let there be no compulsion in a religion.

    And what is Al shabab doing?

  2. Not to say I support al-shabaab but for the sake of objectivity those rape stories do you have any proof like witnesses or something