Mogadishu, 29 May 2020—The African Union Mission in Somalia’s attention has been drawn to a document circulating in the media dated 26 May 2020 on AMISOM.

The document makes numerous unfounded allegations against AMISOM leadership and the Federal Government of Somalia. It is full of inconsistencies, generalizations, innuendoes and biased toxic personal opinion. The AMISOM that is described in the document does not fit the reality of the AMISOM currently operating in Somalia under the leadership of Ambassador Francisco Madeira. AMISOM rejects these allegations as they distort and misrepresent the mission, its work, its leadership and its achievements.

There is no lack of leadership in AMISOM. AMISOM is managed by a senior Mission Leadership Team which sees to it that AMISOM’s operations are guided by the highest ethical principles and standards derived from African Union values in order to enhance the protection of staff and the integrity of the AU. These principles demand mutual respect and cooperation with all the partners that we work with. Over the years, AMISOM’s leadership has worked hard to nurture a culture of respect and professionalism, and to ensure the organization lives up to its values. In promoting political cohesion, peace and security across Somalia, we strive to ensure that our work is ethical, neutral and fair.

The members of the AMISOM Senior Leadership Team have full trust and confidence in Ambassador Francisco Madeira’s leadership. His vast experience, professionalism, competence and constant insistence on the need to adhere to the AUC Staff Regulations and Rules has kept the mission running and enabled it to achieve its many successes,

AMISOM remains focused on implementing its mandate in Somalia by supporting the implementation of the Somalia Transition Plan as well as working with the people and Government of Somalia and partners to deliver a peaceful and stable Somalia.

For more information contact
Snr. Communications Officer or Force Spokesperson
Ms. Gifty Bingley or Lt. Col. Charles Okongo Imbiakha,
Cell phone: (Somalia) +252 617 682 175; (Nairobi) +254 722 672 488