hassan sheik mahmoudPress Release

BAIDOA, Somalia – December 3, 2014 – The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, Ambassador Maman S. Sidikou today attended the swearing-in of the Head of the Interim South West Administration (ISWA), Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden, in Baidoa, Somalia.


The Interim South West Administration (ISWA) covers the Bay, Bakool and Lower Shabelle Regions. The formation of the ISWA is in line with the ongoing Federalization process in accordance with the Provisional Federal Constitution of Somalia.


Speaking at the Inauguration ceremony, Ambassador Sidikou said: “The African Union and indeed all the people of Africa who have committed their sons and daughters to helping their Somali brothers and sisters enjoy peace and their right to life, will continue to support them in restoring the country back to its place of pride and glory.” He also said that the realization of the new State as well as its Interim Administration is an achievement not only for the people of the three regions but also a milestone for the Federal Government in its efforts to realize the goals of Vision 2016.


While thanking President Hassan Sheikh Mahmoud for his support to the process, Ambassador Sidikou encouraged the Head of the ISWA Sharif Hassan Sheikh Aden to continue with the reconciliation process in order to build a solid foundation for sustainable peace and the development of the State. He urged the President of the ISWA not to betray the trust that the people of the State have placed in him.


The inauguration ceremony was attended by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Head of the Federal Government of Somalia (FGS), Abdi Qaybdiid of Galmudu State, Abdulkadir Mahamud Yusuf of the Interim Juba Administration (IJA) as well as a delegation from Puntland. The Special Representative of the UN Secretary General (SRSG) for Somalia and the Special Envoys of the European Union (EU) and Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) as well as the Ambassadors of Ethiopia, Germany, Sweden and Turkey were in attendance.


Baidoa is the Headquarters of AMISOM’s Sector 3 which is manned by the Ethiopian Contingent. The Ethiopian Contingent under AMISOM provided the necessary support for the State formation process and will continue to support the new administration and the people of the State.