The Somali Civil Society Organizations, and the Somali people are deeply dismayed by the abject atrocities of unprecedented magnitude committed against our brothers and sisters in Kenya by the Kenyan Security in the name of anti-terrorism. This is in no doubt a profound violation against all the treaties of the Geneva Convention on Human Rights, as well as all other international agreements on the protection of individual freedoms and human rights. In addition, these violations are against the African Protocol and Charter on people’s rights with their freedom and movements adopted by the agreement of African people’s rights & protection.

Kenya on the other hand is unwittingly playing into the hands of Al-shabaab by violently and actively pursuing policies that assume all Somalis and Muslims are terrorists, which would have far reaching and costly repercussions against the Kenyan stability and welfare.

Moreover, nothing is more bewildering than the Kenyan deliberate denial of the Somali people’s vast contribution in the Kenyan economic development. The financial contributions of the Somalis in Kenya exceeds in the amounts of billions of US dollars each year. They have indeed thrived the Kenyan economy the past 2.5 in the past decades. If the Somali contribution in Kenya is taken out, and Kenya, which is currently the economic power of the region, would be inviting itself to an economic doldrums and unavoidable deep economic depression and downturn.

As such, we call upon the Kenyan Parliament and Civil Society organizations in Kenya to assume their responsibilities and take the lead in the protection of human and individual rights of the desperate Somali children, women, elderly and all refugees by monitoring and helping to make the security forces accountable to all the crimes they commit against those most vulnerable of the society.

We call for an independent international enquiry on these ongoing and serious violations the Kenyan security forces committed against tens of thousands of Somalis as a result of the indiscriminate crack down on Somalis and widespread looting that took place mainly in Easleigh town of Nairobi, the strong hold of the Somali business community.

Lastly, ss a sign of solidarity we the Somali Civil Society Organizations not only strongly condemn these audacious acts against our fellow Somalis trapped in this nightmare created by

the authorities of Kenya, but we will also continue to take all necessary actions and pursue all legal channels to get to the bottom of this issue until each Somali’s right is protected and their priorities are safeguarded and rightfully returned. Thank you.

Finally the Somali Civil Society would shortly will embark on a long overdue campaign to ban the Kenyan exported narcotic, Qat, for the welfare of our country and people, and as a sign of protest against the Kenyan authorities

Please contact…Ismail Jimale Human Rights Organization…………………………….for any enquiry, on Tel. ________________0615968831_____________________



  1. those are not Somalis!!!!!! wapi kipandi ???????? we are looking eagerly for registration of database to see how other Kenyans will suffer we are original Kenya somalis . all things are somalis bcz we have taken vital business , trans portion, industries and premises belongs to somalis where are Asian not ask anything while there are behind scandals ???????usiache mbacho kwa msaala upitao , even late mzee Kenyatta have not done this thing we have struggle for independence with him as original Kenya Somalis citizens remember and be keen!!!!!!!!Merely by describing yourself as black you have started on a road towards emancipation, you have committed yourself to fight against all forces that seek to use your blackness as a stamp that marks you out as a subservient being.

  2. These terrorists are breeding hate between people. This was their goal from the get go to destabilize. Provoke the anger of non muslims so they attack muslims then the Islamists can feed off the anger of muslims and voila they have young men and women ready to sign up to blow themselves up.

    Look at whats happening in the Congo it was initially started by Islamists and the Christians and Pagans finished it by attacking innocent muslims. If we are not careful this can get really ugly really fast.