HARGEISA, 20 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – Hundreds of people have taken part in an anti-government demonstration in Hargeisa, the capital city of Somaliland as part of what opposition parties say will be a day of protest across the country.

The protesters are waving anti-government slogans and chanting “Down Rayaale Down” in all the streets in the Sha’ab area where most of the governmental offices are located. Hundreds of security forces were put on standby and available across the city.

Although it is too early, no gunshots are heard so far and despite the huge number of protesters there are no clashes between the police and those demonstrating.

The opposition leaders are expected to give speech at the Khayria part later in the day addressing their supporters about issues concerning elections and corruption.

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This comes when a high level delegation from Ethiopia arrived the country yesterday. The Ethiopian Minister of State for Foreign affairs of Ethiopia came to Somaliland yesterday in a trip some said he will try to mediate between the two sides. Other delegations from the European countries are also expected in the coming few days.

So far, no reports from the other regions if such demonstrations took place or not. Somalilandpress will update you shorty about any developments to the issue.


  1. Saying "Down Dahir Rayale" is not logic. How? Did he just come out office and go down town. Oposition parties and their supporters are using comonsense. They pretend to be rebeliouns but not polotical parties. Rayale is an ellected president with a majoirty of 3/4 populatin. So how can he go down without fair ellection. Too crazy action against Somaliland exisitences.

    Mj. Farxiya Yusuf

  2. It s not legal to over run your term no matter who's support you have and voters should be registered. As somalilander I don't want to see our country turn to the next Zimbabwe. A message to Rayale hold election get voted in or out simple really for the good of the country.

    • hahahah my friend you watch allot new propaganda, northern somalia or somaliland(a british colonial name) as you put it is way worst than Zimbabwe, go ahead google it for yourself, without riyale you would have been worst that southern somalia issaq sub-clan killing issaq sub-clan

  3. Farhiya, President Rayale's term – which he won on the closest possible margin of 80 votes – ended on May 15, 2008.
    But you are right it is not about "Rayale down", it's about getting a free and fair election, which he is denying the people! Once we get that election, we all need to accept the outcome, whoever wins.

  4. The unconstitutional president lets free sleep-long beast to embroil into bewilderment!!!!!!!
    Demonstrations are major part of citizen’s freedom of expression peacefully; the constitution of Somaliland stipulated that individual citizens are assured to express their opinion in former writing, speech, rallies, within the prescribed law. This type of freedom, is part of that they will be able to elect freely someone or be elected themselves in an absolute constitutional period. Unfortunately, Somalilanders, have been denied to exercise their rights unjustifiably for the last years which they very much trusted and expected from their elected president to respect their rights.
    see the next comment please:

  5. The unconstitutional president lets free sleep-long beast to embroil into bewilderment!!!!!!!
    Demonstrations are major part of citizen’s freedom of expression peacefully; the constitution of Somaliland stipulated that individual citizens are assured to express their opinion in former writing, speech, rallies, within the prescribed law. This type of freedom, is part of that they will be able to elect freely someone or be elected themselves in an absolute constitutional period. Unfortunately, Somalilanders, have been denied to exercise their rights unjustifiably for the last years which they very much trusted and expected from their elected president to respect their rights.

  6. Instead, the elected president crucify his soul for the sake of the law and order, he fail to deliver social services, posture sound leadership states man, frees judicial system, abolish extrajudicial security committee, reduces prisons over-crowdedness and introduce health care for citizens unjustly jailed for lunacy and eccentric desires of individuals the leadership favours or have vested interest with them and above all to hold free and fair elections.
    The elected president past 18 months the five year constitutional term that the citizens approved by casting ballot. Therefore, how on earth such an elected president can remain in the office without further approval from plebiscite.
    To this end, I should conclude that the unconstitutional president is classified as totalitarian with gross violations of the law that resides there (Somaliland).
    I understand, that many citizens are feeling skeptic for freedom exercises however under law for fear that violence may erupt, but it is the unconstitutional president that let free to embroil sleep-long beast into bewilderment!!!!!!!
    Mohamed Abdi

  7. I really hope they sought this problem out. i'm confident that our people back home will be able to, as we have always dealt with our problems in the right way.
    May Allah have mercy on our people and save them from this problem.

  8. If there is another delayed election due to some "reason", then rayaale will truly become a dictator. We need to see either a smooth transfer of power or Rayaale remaining in power due to fair elections.

  9. If the opposition keep insisting in voter registration to be used, then let us be honest, this election can not be able to be held on time on 09/27/09.

    According to many expert who have looked at the Somaliland voters registration, there was a lot of people who double or triple registered themselves, for the election to be fair, this has to be sort out. to sort out these messes will take time then what will come next naturally is election has to be postponded again.
    Will the two parties UCID and Kulmiye accept the pospondment or enter the campain without voters registration? This is the decision the opposition has to answer to Somaliland people.

  10. Obsiye you are free to support without any shame or guilt the current corrupt political order if your so inclined as a person, but please dont insult our intelligence. Riyale used the voter registration process as an excuse to get three extensions, now that its done he thinks he can just throw the whole process into the dustpin with impunity. 1. Explain to us how he can hold an election when the parlaiment has not received their salary for three months. 2). What is the point of holding elections which the international community would consider illegitimate…Riyale is now seen as another african strongman by the international community. 3) If you can hold an election without registration, why cant u hold one with registration using the same safeguards as you would for a non-registered election to prevent double voting?…Ramadan Kariim

  11. Shakir: You got it! If I may just add: Without the registration, NEC – by distributing ballot papers along its own arbitrary logic – gets to decide which region, district and polling center can cast (and stuff) how many votes. In that scenario it won't even make a difference whether Kulmiye and UCID boycott … we all know the outcome already!!

  12. Greetings,

    I find this article suspicous to say the least. When the Udubians go out into the streets, it is called a festival. But when others do so, they become "anti-government" demonstrations.

    Who ever is behind this, is definitely not interested to see a brighter future in SL, but is stoking fire and animosity betweeen the people living abroad and also those living inside SL. Finally, the looser will be SL's hope.

  13. Viva free and fair elections!

    Although it's time for change I feel that the vote should be left to the people (even if they want to remain in bed with the current government that does nothing for them). Shame on anyone that tries to deny the people their voice for self determination… If Riyaale wants to stay he should win fairly… Especially when he is currently an unconstitutional president!

  14. So a few people demonstrated in the Shacab area of Hargeysa, good for them, but, I wouldn't say that there were demonstrations across country..the elections will be held, and I doubt that the people of Somaliland will vote for Silaanyo( who is more interested in the "greater Somalia myth") or Faisal (who is a lightweight)…but whatever happens, Somaliland will remain a free and democratic, sovereign nation…the envy of all others in region, from Pirateland to Killingland(Somalia)…

  15. Riyaale's government is not fit for purpose full stop. Its crowded with greedy and corrupt ''politicians'' who have got no clue about how to run a village store let alone national institutions. All Riyaale and his henchmen care about is how they could grab yet more money with greasy hands from they empty coffers of the nation. These shameless cows will do anything to remain in power and must be forced out if our country is to have any future. They are nothing but thieves who should have their hands and legs amputated according to the Islamic law. Which self respecting democratic president in this World would have so brazenly flouted his country's constitution with no regard for any consequences? Democratic societies are built on laws which are followed by all its citizens be it a president or a school boy. If a country's president does not respect its constitution and yet remains in power rather than languish in jail, there is simply no democracy there.

    • OK. we get your point Ibrahim..It is encouraging that Somaliland is held to such a high level in comparison to Pirateland and Killingland(Somalia)..Still, I am sure that most Somaliland officials are patriots, and if anyone can prove corruption instead of just alleging, then perhaps we can get somewhere..Nobody is emptying the coffers of the nations, with an annual budget of $50 million US, and an elected Parliament to oversee it, things are not as bad as you put them..tell me, where have all the billions and billions poured into Killingland since 1991 gone??..If anyone needs their limps cut off, it is not in Somaliland, that is for sure…Let us all get real, and stop this nonsense, compared to other places in the region, Somaliland is a veritable oasis..

      • Kariye and Obsiye. A strong state derives from and depends on a legitimate constitution that balances the interests of all its citizens and separates the powers of the judiciary and legislature from the executive.
        In many cases this balance was lost at the and during the new parliament election 2004/5 and power was consolidated then to Rayaale and his cadets (the executive). This is the time he had begun ignoring the new legislature representatives and manipulated the constitutional court to resolve political crises which needed for political solution instead. We may also see further exercises from Supreme Court political intervening politics.
        Constitutions are weakened further when Riyaale sought to stay in office beyond the constitutionally prescribed term. Several factors can contribute to a decision to seek to extend tenure, ranging from a belief that there is no suitable successor to a fear that immunity will be removed, to concerns about ‘what next’ and sources of finance. Here is the answer that the provision of and the pension is in place, unless, he fears treachery he committed during his tenure
        Read with this the following comment…………

  16. ………….Kariye and Obsiye
    Pressures could be reduced if the leader(s) simply remain dependant on the electorate to determine their stay in office.
    Here is a proof that pressures mounting on Rayale to vacate the throne, simply because he is not confident with the electorate.
    Iam sure this short analysis is a great antidote for any sensible Somaliland citizen whose thinking is to understand what is wrong with t the incumbent, should consider the role the psychological defect plays.
    One wise man said, when such circumstance arises any political entity, then democratic free and fare election and safe power transfer becomes unlikely. Thus, ambitions: of coupe d’état and, violence, warlordsm or president leaves the country. On the other hand, oppositions arrested and face kangaroo trial, public and public remain in fear of reprisal.
    I hope you heed my Insinuation in order not to bargain the future of our children by accommodating the Rayaal's Perilous pretensions

  17. Riyale was honored to be the president for 5 years. His term has been extended not legally, but because of Somalilanders to cause not trouble and mayhem in their country. Unfortunately, Riyale is again looking for another extension of his term. Waxay Somalidu ku maahmaahdaa:
    " Dacawo meeshay macal idaad ku baratay macaluul ugu bakhtidaa.".

    Riyale has been acting lately an eccentric president. His dictatorial modus vivendi is not palatable in Somaliland. We have seen his interdiction of private TVs, and jailing of journalists by kangaroo courts to shut them off. Somaliland is becoming a one man's rule like any other country in Africa, though we were expecting better than that.
    Riyale must not be a brat, he should know that he cannot stay in power without the consent of his constituents.

  18. To cut a long story short, the elections will be held at the end of September, and for Somaliland it will be another opportunity to showcase its democratic credentials..whomever wins, whether it is UDUB or KULMIYE or UCID, the real winners are going to be the people of Somaliland and the losers will be the enemies of Somaliland, and frankly, that is all that matters, everything else is just politics..enough said..

  19. you all know very well that so many ppl got these cards illegally. So here is the solution either do the election and continue the somali way democracy or get rid of this and make the western democracy….either way is rubbish as long as no one dead and every somlilander is living i dont really care i want my family to live without fear.
    Wa Salam Alikum
    Ramadan Kareem