Hargeisa, 24 Jul 2009 (Somalilandpress) — On 13 July, two broadcasters from independent radio, “Radio Horyaal” were detained by police on orders from the attorney general and were taken to the Criminal Investigation Department for questioning – they remain locked up without charges.

Radio director, Mr. Mohamed Mire (Sayid) and news editor, Ahmed Suleiman (Dhuhul) both work for Radio Horyaal, an independent radio station in the capital, Hargeisa. Despite the lack of concrete evidence, the government claims to arrest them for inciting clan violence in the Bardale farmlands.

The government, in its efforts, to stifle the free press and control the air waves has been actively weeding out all independent media organizations by harassing, beating and arresting them. The two highly respected reporters are the latest casualty of a campaign against media criticism by the government of Somaliland.
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We demand from the Government of Somaliland to immediately release these two journalists who have not committed any crime but were merely performing their duties as journalists when they were arrested.

We, also, appeal to all human right organizations that advocate for the protection of human rights, free press and freedom of expression to join us in condemning the government’s crack down on free press. We demand the release of the two reporters without any further delay from this unlawful detention.

Democracy cannot exist in Somaliland without free empowered media.

Sources: Medeshi Media Group + Somalilandpress


  1. Somaliland politicians are getting out off control, they need to be stopped before they turn Somaliland into another Mogadishu.

  2. Its not "Somaliland" politicians that need to be stopped its Dahir Riyaale and his incompetent ministers