by Guled Guled

What is being a Somalilander is all about and what are the conditions, I will explain all this in my article.  Somalilanders all over the world are pleased and happy that city of Sheifeld gave Somaliland recognition, and more cities and countries will follow suit. 

Being a Somalilander is about arguing for the right of recognition of the land, is about arguing about the developments of the country, is about taking initiatives of Somaliland, not only celebrating may 18th to keep the sprite of Somaliland all year long.

Being a Somalilander is being very patriotic and taking initiatives for the cause of Somaliland getting recognition, developments of the country, investment opportunities in the country, job creation for the unemployed youths and  not risk their lives at sea.

Education development and to help to have libraries for our children in Somaliland, and to create hope for the youth that after University that can get a job or open their own business instead of spending thousands of dollars leaving the country to put their lives in jeopardy, and instead spending that much money they can open business with that money with the help of their families.

Open up more stadiums or arenas for the youth so that they won’t end up in gang activates. Health Care, and to value the religion of Islam.  Keeping on eye on the country from the enemies of Somaliland and to vigilante if they see anything specious and that working with the police, army, government official is where Somaliland is today.

The message is for  Somalilanders all over the world inside or outside Somaliland.

Somalilanders inside Somaliland are very active, patriotic, and that goes for the rest of the landers in Africa. The Somalilanders in the Middle East and Asia are patriotic and very active of Somaliland. The Somalilanders in Australia and New Zealand are patriotic and active of Somaliland.

Next to the Somalilanders inside Somaliland and the most patriotic and active people in the diaspora who always fights for Somaliland recognition and the development in Somaliland, are the Somalilanders in the UK and Europe. Not only they have outstanding may 18th parties, they also meet on occasions regarding Somaliland like recognition, development, and have dinner parties for Somaliland during the year outside of May 18th.

 They are tight community in Europe and when they are inside Somaliland and they made their own neighborhood in Hargeisa and they organize events as well. The Somaliland Community in North America I am really disappointed in them and they are not patriots of Somaliland and they are not active as well and they only time they get together for an event for Somaliland is the May 18th parties singing, dancing and not thinking about the value of Somaliland, they are not active when they are in Somaliland both the Canadian and American Somalilanders they have some kind of hatred towards the country.

When it’s the case of recognition they are not do anything and also development in the country like education, health, Roads, and economy. Somalilander here in North America have to stop having their tribal meetings, and put their differences aside to help Somaliland get recognition and help the developments of our nations, and they are the only diaspora community who don’t help with road construction throughout the nation and especially the Erigavo Highway and which are they are against any developments of the country or the recognition of Somaliland.

Both Canada and the US are two friendly nations and a very diverse nations, and they are the most powerful countries in the world, and having the case of Somaliland recognition sent to them would be a good idea if we the landers in North America work together for Somaliland


  1. i think this article is a wake up call for all somalilanders in Canada and US however, I belive that the writer have been very harsh in his article. I hope the Somaliland Community is not as bad as it sounded in the article. I am also sure that the brother have spoken out of love. ONE NATION ONE LOVE SOMALILAND

    • Awil you are a liar, I also live in Canada for 30 years and that is true what I said and that we are not tight and you only lived for 5 years and the only time that we get together as landers is the may 18th parites and name landers in North America who are fighting Somaliland’s recognition that is none and we have to change that image. We have to be like the landers in the UK and Europe.