download (1)Mogadishu – 23rd July 2014- The Acting Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission for Somalia, Honorable Lydia Wanyoto Mutende has strongly condemned the assassination of a well-known Member of Parliament and singer Saado Ali Warsame in Mogadishu.
The female Somali Lawmaker was killed today in Hodan District by unidentified gunmen who shot at her car killing her and the driver on the spot.
“Members of Parliament represent the voice of the Somali people and any attack on parliamentarians is an attack on the people and it is unacceptable,” said Hon. Lydia.
The Acting Head of mission reaffirmed AMISOM’s commitment to enhancing the security of the country adding that AMISOM is ready to offer any assistance to help the Federal Government of Somalia and the Somali National Security Forces put a stop to these heinous attacks.
She paid tribute to the courage of the members of parliament; fourof whom have been killed this year.

Warsame was a well-known Somali singer who was formerly based in the U.S. city of Minneapolis. In 2012 she returned to Somalia and became a member of the new parliament.



  1. I didnt agree with her politics but this is just disgusting. At what point do the civilians stand up against Al Shabab? Perhaps this is what the civilians want from 21 years of civil war to an Islamic shyt hole. Will Africa ever get its shyt together? Has anyone else stopped caring?

  2. Exactly what was about her politics that you did not like?

    You mean Somali politics and not the warped Somaliland crap?

    Somalia is Somalia! No Qabil! No break up!

    I really laughed when I heard recently that Somalilanders despised her.

    I mean the song “Land Cruiser” was in support of the Isaaq people.

    They agreed back then, she stood for you!

    It’s convenient to disagree now, because she spoke and sang of a united Somalia.

    She stopped singing Land Cruiser because its time is over and done with!

    The sickness can only be stopped when Somalis come together as one nation!!!!

    Not South, not Puntland, and not Somaliland but Somalia!!!!

    • Adam, really? “Somaliland Crap?” Your hypocrisy is so transparent. You are claiming to promote one Somalia while belittling Somaliland. When are you guys going to stop pretending to care about all Somalis? Sado Ali did not fight for Somalia, she fought for her tribe. You can defend her all you want but she was the biggest tribalist and you know it. Regardless, she has to answer to her Maker. Allah ha u naxariisto.

      • You got that right, and do not forget that it was these crap people who bombed our inhabited cities like Hargeisa over innocent women and children heads. these people are the hypocrites who themselves turned the Somalis into thieves and prostitutes. They stole the nation’s assets and their dignity and turned the former Somali army into a tribal malitia. These small handed shits who want to rule the whole former Somalia can not administer small village. They are sick with envy so do not think their concern a genuine one.
        Let these bastards know that our memory is still fresh and we will never forget our martyrs who gave us their dear lives so that Somaliland lives on.