Mogadishu 09th June 2014: AU Special Representative for Somalia Ambassador Mahamat Saleh Annadif expresses concern as tension continue to mount between warring clan militia fighting in Lower Shabelle and called on the parties to immediately desist from any form of violence.

“I call for calm and reconciliation. The situation will not be resolved by violence. All parties must refrain from violent actions, and make immediate efforts to de-escalate the situation and resolve their differences through peaceful dialogue and compromise,” said Ambassador Annadif adding that fighting only serves to discredit and disrupt the process of gains achieved in stabilizing Somalia.

Reports indicate that local civilians have begun fleeing the town and surrounding areas for fear of the escalating clashes and over 250 people have been internally displaced. The displaced are currently taking refuge at the AMISOM bases in Ell Jaale and Marka.

Ambassador Annadif reiterated AMISOM’s commitment in working with the Federal Government of Somalia and its Security Forces in securing and stabilizing Somalia.

“AMISOM in consultation with the international community is available to assist all parties in finding a common understanding as part of its overall efforts to promote peace, security and stability in Somalia” he concluded.