Mogadishu, May 30 2014 – The Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (SRCC) for Somalia, Ambassador Mahamat Saleh Annadif hailed the well-coordinated AMISOM and Interim Juba Administration forces successful efforts to rescue 30 people kidnapped by Al-Shabaab terrorists in Kismayu.

The 30 women and men khat vendors were kidnapped this morning from Bar Aleen village located in between the main airport and Kismayu town by Al-Shabaab terrorist who immediately tried in vain to sneak them out of Kismayu towards Jilib.

AMISOM Forces in Kismayu working closely with the Interim Juba Administration forces immediately dispatched out a specialized team to track the kidnaper’s movement in the sky sharing critical information with the ground forces sent to track and rescue the hostages.

“Today evening there was joy and happiness in Kismayu after 30 men and women who were earlier kidnapped by Al-Shabaab terrorists were rescued following good coordination and work between AMISOM forces stationed there and the Interim Juba Administration forces. We wish to congratulate the forces for the good work and to reaffirm our commitment at helping the Somalia people,” Ambassador Annadif said.

“We condemn such heinous acts of kidnapping aimed at creating fear and denying the Somalis the freedom and opportunity to work and walk freely in their own country. We wish to remind the terrorists that their wicked plots will be defeated just like today,” the envoy added.

After losing out most of their major economic hubs like Kismayu, Marka and other cities in Somalia liberated by joint AMISOM and Somalia forces, Al-Shabaab terrorists have resorted to such cowardly acts of kidnappings and extortion to make dirty money to fund their callous activities.