Former Forum For Democratic Change president, Dr. Kizza Besigye, recently saw himself going to Somaliland. The reason Besigye went to Somaliland was to observe elections and he had to receive protection from the Uganda People’s Defense Force

The force says it provided him with protection but he has come out to trash all the claims by the UPDF. Besigye says he has been left unprotected in the area.

Besigye made these remarks shortly after landing in the Somaliland capital, Hargeisa as part of the Somaliland Election Monitoring Mission. The team went to monitor the parliamentary and local government elections.

‘’UPDF has never set foot in Somaliland! This is one of the most peaceful and democratic areas in the horn of Africa,’’ Besigye noted.

This came as a response to some claims on social media that the force is giving him protection in Somaliland; something he claimed to be untrue.

Somaliland has operated as an independent republic since the declaration of independence from the war that tore Somalia in 1991. The country has since held regular and fairly democratic elections.

However, no one has ever recognized the Somaliland government as a nation despite the peace, stability, and democracy record.

It also maintains relations with other governments.

The country is officially a self-declared sovereign state in the horn of Africa. Internationally though, many still consider it a part of Somalia.

Besigye’s personal assistant, Ronald Muhinda noted that the Brenthurst Foundation organized the mission in the country. Brenthurst Foundation is led by the former deputy chair of the African Union Commission, Erastus Mwencha.

‘’Election observers, if they perform their role well, provide valuable oversight role that builds public confidence and trust in election exercise,’’ Muhinda said.

He stated that they also help improve the quality of elections, especially in fragile democracies.

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