HARGEISA, 5 October 2009 (Somalilandpress) – I remember a morning where the voices of graduates are yet to break the silent of the day. It is a moment of shining for those heroes who spent a good time of their life in the university. I remember a morning that every one of us headed for the university where the ceremony took place. The scene set place (University of Hargeisa) is amazing , music band-boys plays out through out the day with in front of dressed graduates. Time after time the ceremony is getting interested. That day is meticulously arranged and has special memories to our lives.

But After University, What Next?

You have reached an important goal by hard work and perseverance. You have put in a great deal of work and effort to get to this point. You’re finally in the real world. You’ve graduated, walked across the stage and climbed down from the stairs of the academy, leading you right into the real world. You face a new chapter in your life now.

As young graduates we all have a pragmatic view in the real world outside university, whether we are thinking of starting work, taking a fissure year or staying on for a further degree. This book provides genuineness, guidance and counsel for any one preparing for life after university.

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Read this book, a different book that is unique. A book that was inspiring every one expected to work, to be honest, to be fair and to strive in pursuit of knowledge and fight ignorance, a book that is discouraged idleness and laziness. The book offer volunteer opportunities to the graduates who wish to build on a set of skills to suit their education.

For the last one year I was involved participating Hargeisa Readers Clubs reading ceremonies, where eventually the Club exhibit book reviews to the youth in Hargeisa so as to become a source of motivation to those who have the appetite to read more and bookworms. Hargeisa Readers Club has not only provided reading opportunities for their young bookish members, but can also be a great asset to Somaliland people as a whole. I admire their empowering the youth in Hargeisa through reading skills allied with how to translate and present the books.

Participating these reading ceremonies brought me to read lots of self-help books, and make review for those who have not seen it. What you see in this review article is a piece of summary about the book called After University, What Next?

The writer of the book enlightens deeply that it is tragedy for generations who are living without sense of purpose, mission and goals. As the wise words of the writer, the writer went around asks young people and adults what it is they are living their lives for, you will unfortunately discover that possibly over 90% are living simply because they were born. They go to school or university not for any purpose but because every other young and adults in the town goes to school or university. There after, they look for a job simply because all people look for a job after studies. If they can, they buy a car, rent a house and trade between Somaliland and Dubai. Those people lack the potent vision to live the rest of their lives.
The problem with today’s graduates is that they do not want to get their lives at risk to turn vividly true their future ambitions. Many have been overprotected by their selves and don’t like to be a role model for generations to come. Graduates must keep in mind that there are so many challenges ahead of them. The whole world wants for us because we have fresh minds that can began personal reforms to accomplish social reform.

With regards to the years in the university, most students dream only for the completion of their first degree, but lack the idea of having what they are doing after university. Two question echoes your ears if you become a graduate in Hargeisa. The first question is do you get a job or aren’t you married?. Job opportunities are one of the delightful stories chanting always the graduates in Hargeisa. Graduates have a hard time in Somaliland job markets and affected by poor employment prospects due to the stagnant or slothful economies that are unable to generate enough job opportunities to absorb the young people qualifying from institutions of learning every year.

While reading newspapers every day is a pushy work for young graduates in search of job opportunity and life better outside university. Others travel to abroad to prepare post-graduate at different university in the world especially, Uganda, India, Pakistan and Malaysia.

Last but not least, I. thought that we are a generation in need role models that is living with us. Lack of powerful vision to live by our youth, without goals and desires resulted the low achievement of most of our young Somali Landers.


The Book:

Title: After University, What Next?
Author: Ambrose Kabuki Mukiibi
Nationality: Uganda
Published by: Human Potential Publications LTD, 2003
Pages: 271

Written by: Farhan Abdi Suleiman (oday)


  1. All those brothers who graduated from Somaliland universities such as Hargeisa and Amoud we incourage you to put your skills in action. The best can anyone do is to assist their citizen and make their country better.

    One of the objectives to seek an education is to find employement anywhere and never forget the people who helped you to get where you are today. Your teachers, the schools and your families as well.

    I still remermber may math teacher in my elementry shool located North of city of Borama. It was were I first learn how to read and write Somali. It called Hawo Tako Elementry Shool back then now the name maybe changed.

    Even the hard hit Ethopian Air stike in 1984 couldn’t stop me from going back to shool after I have lost many of friends and some were lost their legs. I remember one of my friend and his mother had hard argument because the studen was too scared to go back school after the Air stike. Maalintuu Waqtigaagu dhamaado uunbaa Socon.

  2. After graduation, what is next? That is a good question. Hmmm, take a breath and a time off because you deserve it. Then either go for further education if you can afford or look for work in your country. But please, please stay away from "Tahriib." There is nothing good abroad. You have nothing to gain and everything to lose. Dalkeennu yuu inna inkaarine, stay at home. And I urge the Somaliland government to create jobs the graduation and any educated person to attract them to stay home. Also encourage all educated Somalilanders abroad to come back and invest their education and skills in their own country. This will be a nation building and to avoid a brain-drain in the country.

  3. we done farhan; you did a good job by briefly discussin the wounderfull book of after university, what is next? indeed, there might be various options but best one is exploring all options

  4. Dear all,
    What is next? this is a fine and logic question.but Tahriib as an option, i can say No No No many times,we have got a vergin country and what we need is the things:
    – peace (available)
    – good government who can create jobs.
    – investment either by somalilanders or foreigners.
    – lastly trust in ourselves.

  5. Thank you Farhan, Well done. It is wonderful that you have benefited from the great book you've read and transferred its gists to us. It is very indespensable to read more and more to be aware of the worldly affairs. We, as youth graduates should be confident in our potential and strive to be not only successful but also role models.

    I know that after graduation, youth experience painful periods, it is a hard time as the youth graduate faces the challenges of ppor employment and lack of self-sufficiency.

  6. Hey guys,

    It feels great reading those comments about my book, “After University what next”. Those remarks make me know that the purpose for which I wrote it is being realised. I also encourage you to visit my website at (www.hcdc.ug) for more interaction. Keep the African hope alive. Ambrose

  7. Am a a third year student of bishop stuart university mbarara offering bachelor's of development studies soon going out to change the world coz i ve arleady got the encouragement not to seek 4 jobs. thanx 4 changing the world through your writings,u ve really changed mi life because this book has encouraged to be a thriver instead of a survivor and to utilise every oppurnity that comes mi way and above all be creative and have persistence. am really greatful and now i advise my collegues to find that book after university what next so as to gain knowledge on how to use the educatipn they have attained to reach the interdependence level of human development.Thank you very much and pliz continue helping people to knw the way forward and also Thanx to professor elijah dickens mushemeza our dean faculty who gave me that book.

  8. Hey Immacualte, good reading from you. I wonder what took me so long to get back to this blog. I realize you posted your entry in April and now this is mid-June. Never too late thougth. I am right now in Nairobi doing a round of seminars for young professionals and mid-career professionals based on the book (AUWN). I am surprised by the impact this book is having in people’s lives not only in Africa but as far as the US and Canada. Keep the African hope alive, light your candle. send me your email. Ambrose

    • It's good to have you here as well Mr Ambrose and yes words are powerful, please continue to write.

      Peace to Uganda and Africa.

  9. Creating a job is the way to go. Every university student should be thinking about job creation in whatever circustances.

    Ksaozi deo.MD Lean Consulting

  10. Its really a great book and a MUST read for all people no matter your age.It has helped me discover my major life purpose of being the best MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER..! i would like to meet Mr. Ambrose himself. thanks for the good book.