Hargeisa, 12 July 2009  – Hundreds of Borama residents demonstrated today in the city center condemning the killing of four businessmen yesterday.

Unknown armed militia ambushed the road between Gebiley and Borama yesterday night killing four people including a well-known businessman on his way to Borama. The deceased were all hailing from Borama. The militia also kidnapped Seven other persons in the area to unknown areas of the region.

Prominent figures from Borama called the government to take strong action against those criminals who do not belong to any clan. Sh. Abdillahi Sh. Ali Jowhar, a religious leader in Borama said those criminals should face the justice and should not be forgiven for their barbaric action against civilians. He called Borama residents not to carry out any revenge against those who are living in the city from the other regions. He said this action has nothing to do with the land dispute between the two sub-clans in Elbardale, in Gebiley district.

The police shot several bullets in the air to disperse the demonstrators after they stormed government offices with stones damaging some properties in the city. No casualties have been reported so far.

On the other hand, Somaliland forces arrested at least 8 persons after skirmishes took place in Elbardale this morning. The police is now stationed in the middle of the conflicted area between the two sub-clans who reside in the area.



  1. My heart go outs to the relatives of the victims, the conflict in the Ado area is the scapegoat for the expired government in Hargiesa to postponed the upcoming elections, I hope local elders and society pillars help because the government – executive nor legislative- has power nor the good will to end the conflict

  2. This is not a time of problems. I hope somaliland government solves this issue soon amicably, so that presidential election won’t postpone.

  3. Those thugs need to be brought to justice and Somalilanders to secure its borders from every corner because alot of militants are making their way into Somali communities these militias include al shabaab, onlf, and others just to name few. They all have one agenda and that's to interrupt the because in Somaliland.

    Somaliland people will be tested over and over again, as usual they will over come, i'm confident.

  4. These moryaan(gangs) should be brought to justice ASAP because I know that they do not represent the people og Gabiley area. We should learn from our brothers from the south (Somali) that these types of inter clan killings will only bring more cleans.

  5. The root cause of the deaths of these Somalilanders is nothing else but the inability of the Government to implement the recommendations of the commission that has been created (with the approval of all the groups) to look into the problems at the farms at Ceel Bardaale. The Government has created the enabling environment for the people to take the law into their own hands. The credibility of the Somaliland government is at stake.


  6. inshallah everything will work out, and my thoughts and prayers goes out to the families who lost their love ones!

  7. No One can justify for the killing of inocent people on the road between Gabilay and Borame. For Hussein if you think this is simply people taking the law into their hands by killing un armed people on the street than you are equily responsible and I am sure you are sleeping well tonight. But history has tought us that other side will be crying s