HARGEISA, 12 August 2009 (Somalilandpress) – It is widely acknowledged that one of the fundamental pillars of sustainable human development is investment in education of a good quality. On 10th august 2009, SONYO umbrella organized a meeting for the University students inside and outside the country. Truly it is a colossal achievement to be proud of and one of milestones of our success as Somaliland university students inside and outside the country. It is a signal of enhancement that enables as young students to contribute fully in our education to our society and the world at large.

The ceremony took place at Ambassador Hotel in Hargeisa. A number of university students inside and outside Somaliland were seen in the ceremony hall and the corridors of the hotel. The ceremony opened with Holly Koran recitation by one of the students. After that the chairperson of SONYO umbrella started the speech and talked about the importance of such meetings. He indicated the necessity of exchanging experience with their local people to contribute for the development of the country. Though in Somaliland the importance of young graduates were not recognized by our society, but the growing influence of young graduates like this meeting is bearing out the community that our voices should be heard. Having said that, young students will not be passionate, creative and innovative unless their societies understand they have the potential to improve their country socially, economically and politically.

He also urged the foreign based students to have close friends to their host nations to establish a sustainable relationship which will ultimately be beneficial to our country. Somaliland Minster of internal affairs was invited to the stage, he told those who are studying abroad to respect the rules and the regulations of their host countries as they are ambassadors of their country. If you behave the people you live with good character, it is good for us. Other wise will spoil the name of your country. Later on, the session begun with presentation by different students from different universities in abroad.

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One of the Somaliland students in Malaysia started the presentation with the overview of Malaysian education. He told to the participants that Malaysia education is 70 owned by the public while the private universities are 30 percents. Apart from that, he compared the Malaysian universities with the local universities. That presenter indicated that Malaysian universities have facilities unlike Somaliland universities. Namely teaching methods and also what is known E- facilities such as, libraries. The presenter enlightened deeply the social problems faced Somaliland students in Malaysia including social –economic adaptability, financial problems, temptations, Isolations; Racism and Environmental issues were most challenges encountered students in Malaysia.

Secondly, a lady graduated from Kenya Institute of Managements who presented her experience of the education in East-Africa. That sister mentioned that there are 13 students in Uganda who were awarded Scholarship by the Somaliland government. She put in plain words the faculties provided by East African universities, Such as Social Science namely Development studies and Social work and Social administration. And this has contributed to finishing their studies successfully. There are also challenges in those students in terms of culture difference, food and behavior. Language barrier and ineffective student association was also another major obstacle. There are also presentations made by Somaliland student in Yemen, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Ethiopia and in the local. Besides the presentation on achievement and challenges, the Somaliland student in abroad highlighted to contribute their country Education, Patriotism and hard work.

The message is clear; the expansion of employment opportunity is far below the growth in the higher education graduates because of a lack of investment. Unfortunately Somaliland government is not putting higher graduate concerns at the heart of their development agenda, and still more remains to be done. Young students need access to both decent formal education and opportunities to acquire employment to actively participate in all spheres of development in their society. Young graduates in Somaliland struggle the transition from university to work. These major challenges caused that many young graduates up either unemployed or underemployed in the informal sector with little protection and prospects.

Let us remember the wisdom says, “Student are like young plants, they need to be cared for , if you take good care of your plants, you will have strong plants and a good harvest. It is the same with students, if you look after them”

Our motto “Together we can make difference”

Written by: Farhan Abdi Suleiman (oday)
Farhan Abdi Suleiman is a social worker, fresh graduate at university of Hargeisa and youth activist. You can be contacted at oday1999@yahoo.com or odaycs@yahoo.com

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Hargeisa, Somaliland


  1. appreciation Bro: farhan

    such those meetings are great inspiration for those interesting the development of somaliland particularly at progress of education, we know that there are remarkable number of somaliland students who are scattered around the world for searching higher education on the other hand there other generation who learn from the local universities of somaliland country so i am personally recommending that there should be a tie and effictive conections between local students and those in the foreign countries
    educated youth whether they are in abroad or local students are the mirror which will reflect the potiential development of our nation.
    keep such these meetings in constant

    liban yusuf( Hargeisa university)