Burao- The officials of the Ministry of Education and the administration of Togdheer region have praised the process and gear for the education of students between the ages of 3 and high school at Burao leaders academy prepared for them, and urged other schools in the country to follow suit. .

A delegation led by the Deputy Minister of Education Dr. Abdihakin Said Muse (Bustale) accompanied by Director General Abdirizak Jama Nur and Examinations Commissioner Daud Ahmed Farah, Togdheer Regional Education Commissioner Ibrahim Digale Mohamed and Toghdeer Governor Mr. Mohamed Abdillahi Ibrahim (Nafaqo) visited Burao Leaders Academy yesterday and inspected the school structure, the way students are in the classrooms, the lessons and the general condition of the school.

The Principal of Burao Leaders Academy, Educationist Suaad Abdirahman Ali, briefed the delegation on the school’s modules, as well as the classroom teaching both theory and practice, plus the school and teachers. “We enjoyed a great discussion on matters education and how we can work together to improve the standards of education.”
Ms. Suad welcomed the arrival of the delegation from the Ministry of Education and the Togdheer Regional Administration and inspection of the school and said that their schooling acceptance begins from kindergarten to high school, and is taught in the Somaliland curriculum.

Togdheer Regional Commissioner for Education Ibrahim Digale Mohamed praised the Burao Leaders Academy, saying it is a well equiped school with knowledge and facilities similar to international learning standars, and is an example for schools in the country, and needed to follow.

Governor Ibrahim praised the Principal of Ms. Suaad, whom he said is an experienced teacher who can contribute a lot to the Somaliland Nation and the education. Toghdeer Governor Md. Mohamed Abdillahi Ibrahim (Nafaqo) who addressed the gathering said that the regional administration welcomes the visit of the school as part of the inspection of all schools in Burao, adding that Burao Leaders Academy, which was set up in accordance with international standards, was funded by Mr Jama Mohamud Adan (Jama-Karaacin) and Suad Abdirahman Ali, a family Director General Abdirizak Jama Nur said he was very grateful to the citizens who funded this school such a modern educational facility, school around the country have not reached.

The Deputy Minister of Education, Dr. Abdihakin Said Muse (Bustale), said that they have inspected a large and valuable school, funded by citizens, and the ministry welcomes it.

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