BURAO (Somalilandpress) — On 28 December 2009, Burao Local Authority has commenced a new project in which new asphalt roads will be implemented inside the city, these two roads will also connect east and west-main roads of the city.  It is the first time a project of this magnitude has been implemented in the city since the collapse of the former Somali military regime in 1991.

A number of equipments, including bulldozers, dump trucks and shove loaders were moved to north of city up to the newly appointed District of Qoyta, which is about 25km out side the main centre of Burao.

Prior to the selection of this location [Qoyta], the mayor of Burao, Mr Mohamud Ahmed Hassan surveyed various suburbs in the city to find a suitable location to house the workers and equipment.

While on a visit, I asked the mayor, how he plans begin the project.

In which he replied: “I just bought this bulldozer that arrived in pillaged condition from an individual. I searched for it’s spare parts, I found some parts from old scrapes of bulldozers and others I personally ordered them from Addis Ababa.  Once we completed building the bulldozer, we were able to clear the land for the roads.”

Mr Mohamoud said, his staff have prepaid every thing to make this project possible but he urged the residents, in particular the business community to help and contribute.

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The people of Burao explicitly appreciated the local authority’s commitment and vision for social and public services. Meanwhile the Mayor has been awarded a local excellence prize at Barqawo Hotel last night. Most of the workers at the mayor’s office are seen as active and  energetic staff who have great passion for their city and people.

Mr Ahmed, the Director of Finance also said Burao Municipality has expanded and rehabilitated a number of other roads that were either closed or too narrow for modern traffic.

It is worth noting that this project means great deal to the people of Burao as well as Somaliland because often this unrecognized republic lacks the financial and equipment to construct fully paved roads and similar infrastructure.

In addition to that, the city has progressed in different ways, merging new modern hotels and beautiful buildings which are erected in the heart of it, attraction, beauty and decoration of the city is expanded for example Barqaawo2 is one of fascinating buildings consist 3 upstairs containing Hotel, Restaurant, Meeting Halls and College, and also City Plaza Hotel is located east of Burao and Egal Hotel at North. And so many are employed

Finally it is my pleasure,  to call upon all citizens, living here and abroad to take a role in this project, which has proved to be difficult to implement by public institutions without the support of it’s people.  Similarly such improvement has been presented currently in capital city of Hargeisa, sharing with public and some residential areas, and they contributed imperative role in many roads.

The assumptions that Burao city is violent and divided is rather a deception. I have been here now nearly two months and I was proved wrong. There is sense of self-liberty, brotherhood and optimism in Burao. Burao is unique in comparison with other main cities that I had experience.

For instance Burao does not exploit donkey cart water carriers, in the word fattened donkeys in the city are less utilized, man-made wheelbarrow comprise of two small wheels pushed and driven by men carrying with at one time least six plastic cans used and gives the water to the city. When I asked one of the district council, why the city doesn’t make use of donkeys, replied me “we don’t drink donkey’s water it farts on” it may be the high engrained with life stocks prompted them to hate single usage of donkey, particularly camels

o High hospitality and trustful people, I perceived in the city respect, openness and frankly welcome which roots back ancestral valuable cultures, which means pure Somaliland traditions they still related to unlike any other city I ever go.

o It is a city where tribal affiliations in any public operation still visible, it is a place where you can meet yet high rank officials overtly discussing and arguing about share of their lineage tribes or clans even overly published vacant position for national, international institutions despite tough examination must hardly be passed by the applicant.

However Burao joined highly decent and strenuous work performances in recent times and has  huge potential to become an economic powerhouse. And also explicit and plain words exchanged by from subordinates to heads its strongest terms.

Burao like many developing cities is under threat because many skilled youth are migrating else where creating a brain-drain which in tern has created a slow development and progress. The wealth of nations and cities are measured by content of knowledge inherent in that society and Burao will invest greatly on similar projects and the youth.

Mustafe Hassan Ahmed (suxufi)
Email: msuxfi@gmail.com


  1. thanks local government of burco for the building of the new road and improving the development of the region Toghdeer especially for the building of the road and barges