Please accept my congratulations as you celebrating the 28th anniversary of the National Day of the Republic of Somaliland and send my best wishes for your continued health as well as for the peace and prosperity of your country and its people.

Close cooperation between Pakistan and South Asia is encouraged not only by common economic interests but also by major security challenges facing both the Republic of Somaliland, Pakistan and South Asian countries. It is an intelligent drive to search for a unified response to urgent Somaliland issues.

It is hoped that my proposals at the bilateral level and in the framework of relations with South  Asia as well as responsible collaborative work within international organizations will contribute to making our citizens more secure and to ensuring peace and stability across the region.

His Excellency, I believe that expanding relations between Pakistan and South Asia and their citizens in business, investment, trade, tourism, and innovation, based on respect and mutual interest, will grow and further strengthen our national economies.

Also please convey my congratulations and Best wishes to Honorable and respected President Musa Bihi Abdi and to the people of Republic of Somaliland on National Day which is celebrated on 18 May.. Please accept the assurances of my highest esteem.   And I hope that day is not far away when the Republic of Somaliland will not only a recognized country on the map of the world but also set an example of peace and progress in the horn of Africa for the rest of the world.

Long live The Republic of Somaliland

Warm Regards

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