Congratulatory messages have began pouring in for Somalia’s first ever appointed woman deputy prime minister and foreign affairs minister.

Women groups across east Africa have welcomed the naming of Fowziya Yusuf Haji Adan as the new deputy prime minister and foreign minister in Somalia’s new permanent government.

Somali Prime Minister Abdi Farah Shirdon Said announced his cabinet on Sunday in the Somali capital Mogadishu, citing that this was the smallest cabinet in Somalia’s history — half of the previous transitional administration.

“After long discussions and consultations, I have named my cabinet which consists of only 10 members. Among them is a female foreign affairs minister for the first time in Somali history,” the prime minister said.

In her first press conference at the Somali Villa, Ms Fowziya acknowledged her historical nomination and hailed it as a “glory day” for Somali women.

“My nomination as the Foreign minister is historic for the Somalia and particularly for the women of Somalia, it turns a new page for the political situation of our country and will lead to success and prosperity,” she said.

Mr. Shirdon also named another female to a ministerial position in an effort to improve women representations. Maryan Qasim Ahmed, who previously held the now-gone women’s minister, takes the role of minister of development and social affairs. Many women organizations across the East Africa community, who have large Somali populations, have praised his appointees.

Amina Hersi Mogeh, a prominent entrepreneur and millionaire Somali woman based in Uganda, was among the first persons to send congratulatory message to newly appointed foreign minister. Amina, who runs one of the largest cement and hardware distributors in Kampala, as well as chains of shopping malls and supermarkets, happens to originally hail from Somaliland like the minister.

In her message, the award winning business woman stressed that appointing Fowziya for the foreign job was a smart move. She reiterated that along with her academia background and life long experiences, Fowziya, possessed the right attitude, dedication and skills to deliver fruitful results. She described her as an educated and forward looking woman.

Amina extended her an invitation to both Nairobi and Kampala, where she runs her successful and award winning business chains.

She finally called on the Somali people to embrace and extend an arm of support for the first female Somali foreign minister and deputy prime minister. She equally congratulated Ms Maryan, the Somali government and its people.

Fowziya formed her own political party in Somaliland before she was barred and did not advance to the next stage of the process. The Somali president, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, a long-time friend is believed to have played a role in her appointment.

Photo: Award-winning entrepreneur Amina Hersi Moge congratulates Fowziya Yusuf Haji Adan (Hadhwanaagnews)



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