Dahabshiil Group of Companies has played a key role in convening the 5th Somaliland Diaspora Conference which was recently concluded in Hargeisa.

The conference, which was attended by various diaspora from around the world, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and various invited guests, focused on the role of the diaspora in Somaliland’s development.

Dahabshil General Manager Mohamed Abdisamad spoke about the company’s role in the 5th Diaspora Conference and how important Dahabshiil is to the Diaspora and the local community.

“Dahabshiil connects the diaspora with the people of the country financially.”

Speaking about the role of the Diaspora, Dahabshil’s Remittance Manager said they have a history of rebuilding the country, without which Dahabshiil would not have been possible.

“Dahabshiil has become a bridge between the diaspora and their relatives in the country and in rebuilding the country.”

The diaspora deserves a lot of praise as mentioned and they have brought various businesses to the country that have created jobs for the youth of Somaliland, said Mr Mohamed.

Dahabshil Remittance Manager Mr Mohamed underlined that Dahabshiil has provided a number of services to the diaspora, especially during the COVID 19 period, and facilitated to send at home all assistances to their relatives in the country.

“Dahabshiil has also prepared the diaspora for other companies, such as Dahabshiil Bank to contribute to the country’s development and investment.

Dahabshil Remittance Manager says they are ready to help investing diaspora businesses or residential homes they need to being built.