Press Release

Dahabshiil would like to inform our esteemed customers all over the world that we are feeling the effects of these strange times and aware of your concerns regarding the Coronavirus pandemic which affected many countries.

Therefore, we inform our esteemed Dahabshiil customers in the safety of their home can send money to their relatives through TalkRemit ( App which offers low-cost money transfers abroad, quick and secure delivery, and an instant chat service – all in one easy-to-use platform.

At the same time, Dahabshiil informs its esteemed customers living in the country that they will receive money sent to them through their mobile phones at home. We, therefore advise our customers to share the respective SOMTEL eDahab Number with relatives and friends living abroad so as to receive their remittance through their mobile phones while at home.

Dahabshill has doubled its service delivery efforts during these difficult times, so as to ensure that all of our customers instantly receive their remittances from their relatives and friends.

Dahabshiil advises its customers to take care of their hygiene and to follow all medical advice and precautions to prevent the disease (Covid-19). You can keep up to date on the Disease status and Dahabshill services by visiting our website ( We pray to God to take us through this tragedy We wish you the best of health and spirits.