Receiving medical attention is a fundamental aspect. But its cryptic why the disadvantaged cannot access this service. Despite of medical and medicine advancement. So man y times I have seen cases of determinants seeking medical help from well wishers because of incapability to afford this humane service.
In Somaliland, during the struggle to oust siyad barre regime. In Cabudla, a small village few kilometres from hargeisa there was a young man barely out of teenage hood, donned in SNM regalia fighting for the later cause.
The movement succeeded, hundreds of thousands lost their lives and Somaliland current capital city was reduced to debris.
Awil Mohamed, survived miraculously and lived to narrate the painful ordeal. Four bullets entering from the front tore the tissue of his stomach missing vital internal organs including the heart by whiskers.
Lack of medical assistance made him ignore the wound that never healed but transformed to a big lump.
He has been trying endlessly pleading with the government he had a hand in setting free to operate him but all in vain.
After the war he had married and is a father of fourteen children with no means of livelihood.
With all due humbleness and respect. He seeks help from all Muslim well wishers.
He can be contacted at.
Awil Mohammed.