The Deutsche Welle media in Germany has highlighted the efforts of the Republic of Somaliland in the last 30 years in its aspirations to move from de-facto to de-jure state and the justified international recognition it so rightly deserves.

In a report prepared and aired the Deutsche Welle radio station, the commentator said that underpinned that Somaliland is a peaceful country that has been struggling for a long time to gain diplomatic recognition from the world.

Jama Muse Jsamac, a political and cultural analyst interviewed said that Somaliland was an independent country that gained independence from Britain on June 26, 1960 and was the 12th African country to gain independence before Somalia became independent.

Mr. Jama Musa said that the union of Somaliland and Somalia was intended for the five Somali states to unite, a greater Somalia dream, but that dream had failed and that after the bitter struggle and destruction of the Siad Barre regime in Somaliland, the people of Somaliland decided to return to and re-assert their 1960 independence in a declaration on May 18th 1991.

Mr. Jama said that Somaliland has met the requirements of an independent nation, and noted that five presidents have changed democratically.

He also stated that the Republic of Somaliland is based on the aspirations, will and selfless efforts of its people who have supported their government without the world contributed anything tangible to it.

He also argued that Somaliland now has relations with many countries in the world and has political representatives in many countries.

He said that 70 percent of Somaliland’s youth have become wise in Somaliland and do not accept and refuse anything to do with Somalia.

On the other hand, an Ethiopian journalist who recently visited Somaliland said that there is peace, business, and a functioning government in Somaliland.

The journalist also said that the people of Hargeisa are vibrant, business-oriented and content with their nation.

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