oddhJanuary 1, 2015

A thought for all those who have died within 20 months and over unprecedented political crisis in still unclear circumstances:


  • A Elmi Mahamoud Rayaleh, a French teacher and activist committed USN, found dead in his cell in the prison of Gabode the morning of 29 August 2013,
  • Hafez A young schoolboy died in Obock December 30, 2012 during clashes between young people of the region and the security forces,
  • In all other anonymous fallen for an ideal of freedom, justice and democracy, all victims of abuse of power and injustice …


A thought also to all those who are deprived of their freedoms and their basic human rights including:


  • To all political prisoners currently in Gabode,
  • To all those who are deprived of their most basic rights,
  • To all those who are persecuted for their political commitment, humanistic, social, …


A wish, that of seeing the advent of true democracy in our country and the rule of law in which the dignity and rights of each and everyone will be respected after signing 30 December 2014 of the framework agreement the power and the opposition.


A wish again that one day see in our skies men and / or women who understand that peace is our greatest common good and that will make the triumph of justice and democracy in our country.


The ODDH continue its role as sentinel to denounce all forms of violation of human rights and contribute to the full for the advent of a truly democratic constitutional state.


On behalf of the ODDH and on my own behalf b onne year at all. That 2015 is that of the triumph of the dignity and rights of peoples.

Acting for democracy, dignity and justice.

The President of the ODDH

Farah Abdillahi Miguil