journalist Abdallah LVD Maydaneh OkiehThe journalist Abdallah Maydaneh Okieh, head of online media Voice of Djibouti (LVD), today received May 18, 2015 a police summons. He went this afternoon to 16 hours at this convocation to Balbala Hodan police station in the suburbs of the capital, far from his place of residence Maka Moukarama. The summons did not specify any grounds and was content to mention ” to the case concerning ”.

Once there, the journalist was taken into custody for refusing to judicial execution. But the condemnation in question, which was issued as part of the anti-USN post-election crackdown to reduce to silence the journalist, is covered by the general amnesty provided by the framework agreement USN-Government of 30 December 2014.

It is therefore in breach of the Framework Agreement as the framework USN journalist and has been arrested for refusal of enforcement.

Recall that the journalist Abdallah Maydaneh Okieh was honored by Reporters Without Borders as one of the 100 heroes of the information in respect of 2014.