Djibouti, April 10, 2014  

Article 14: The President of the Republic, Head of Government enforces this status. (General Civil Service)


Policy witchhunt involving teachers suspected of association with the opposition or with the union continues to insidious and intensity. More than 83 teachers have seen their salaries suspended for more than five months in violation of all procedures and the statusof civil servants. And today after the suspensions of pay after mutations sanctions after the harassment, the Ministry of Education launched a proposal of 63 radiation   and in violation of all rules and administrative procedures on the one hand with the complicity and complacency of the Minister of Labour and Administrative Reform on the other.

Among teachers, all officials about to be written off include:

  • Farah Abdillahi Miguil, Professor, Secretary General of SYNESED and founding member of the Collective “Save Education”
  • Abdillahi Adaweh Mireh Inspector of Education, founding member and spokesperson of the Collective
  • Youssouf Moussa Youssouf Abdi said Macho, Educational Consultant and founder member of the Collective
  • Ismael Omar Omar, Professor and founding member of the Collective

In this “cleansing”, the young Minister of Education benefits all levels of support complacent and complicit colleagues ministers. The unstated objective of this repression is to nullify any kind of assertion of rights, dignity and freedom.

The ruling from the single party uses a well-oiled method for 37 years. In order to nip in the bud any idea of advocacy, reform and challenge the system, it freezes wages, even attack any gainful activity undertaken by any independent person … 

The SYNESED denounces and condemns the repeated human rights and dignity suffered Djibouti teachers and called the President of the Republic, guarantor texts with, take its responsibilities relating to sectarian civil servants and especially teachers .


Farah Abdillahi Miguil

Secretary General of SYNESED,synesed.djibouti @